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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Next Menoth Caster - eKreoss 35 pts

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Following on from Reznik, I'm looking for my next Menoth caster to support the lovely trio of pKreoss, eFeora and pSevvy. The next one I'm going to look at is eKreoss who brings more infantry support than 'Jack support compared to the others I currently have - his feat just rocks with lots of models and his model looks sweet as well :).

We'll start with eKreoss himself. Like most Menoth casters he's not exactly tough though with DEF14/ARM16 and 18 damage boxes he's not as weak as the Sevvys or Harby. He comes with a nice weapon though at P+S14 with reach and magical weapon. Importantly though he can either slam models at full P+S (collateral is still at STR) or can use armor piercing against medium/large units. Excellent for taking out 'Jacks/Beasts or larger based casters.

His spell list isn't as impressive as other casters however. Inviolable Resolve is half as aweomse as Defender's Ward with only the ARM bonus (and Fearless as an added bonus). Still an effective spell for increasing infantry durability however. Cleansing Fire is stock standard 3" fire AOE. Chasten is an okay POW offensive spell with the added benefit of stripping upkeeps/animi which when combined with Castigate which removes enemy Arc Nodes for a turn, can disrupt your opponent's spell casting - just not as effectively as pKreoss. Finally, Sacrosanct makes any enemy model destroying an affected model become knocked down - useful even with the anti-KD abilities of lots of armies out there.

The Feat is the killer though - all melee in Kreoss' control range (14") automatically hit and additionally each model can make an extra attack. For most infantry models this is more than doubling their output as their hits are guaranteed and they are swinging twice. Chuck in a lot of weaponmaster hits for all the Errants and that's a lot of damage in a single turn. So here's a trial list:

eKreoss (+6)
-          Reckoner (8)
-          Dervish (4)
Min Choir (2)
Full Errants + UA (10)
Exemplar Bastions (8)
Daughters of the Flame (5)
Covenant of Menoth (2)
Rhupert, Piper of Orr (2)

I've gone for the Book + Rhupert combo over Gravus because it's cheaper and has more options than simply ignoring stationary/KD plus it can affect the Daughters. Errants, Daughters and Bastions all benefit very nicely from eKreoss' feat, particularly if Daughters can get into contact with multiple models or casters (three models are flat out dead or automatic three damage on caster per Daughter). Reckoner gives the list some heavy hitting power which isn't relying on Weaponmaster hits and some ranged firepower with the usual assortment of toolbox goodies. The Dervish can support this plus do some pretty nifty assasination runs with auto side-stepping + extra attack on Feat turn plys focus for bought attacks.

eKreoss doesn't have the spell-power or Warjack power like the other casters I'm used to running but does have a lot more infantry and an amazing feat with which to use them and although his spell-casting ability isn't as impressive as other casters, there's still a lot to be said for the utility he can help bring. It's not as significant as other casters but it's still decent and not worth overlooking. Overall, eKreoss would be a major playstyle change with a heavier focus on infantry and with my fondness for Errants & Bastions, well that has to be a good thing right?

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