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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email in: List advice

"Hi Kirby - really love your site. 
 OK, enough hot air on to the real point of this email ;) 
 Local store is running a 750pts campaign with a minimum requirement of 1 HQ, 1 troop and no named characters. All matches are annihilation and most of the guys seem to want to be bring GK, IG or DE. 

 I intend to play my vanilla marines so thought: 
Librarian Epistolary (Gate of Infinity, Null Zone) 150pts  
Tactical Squad (10 men; flamer, ML) 170pts 
 Sternguard Vets (8 men; 7 combimelta, Sgt Power Weapon) 250pts 
 Land Speeder Squadron (3 speeders, 1 additional MM, 1 additional MM) 180pts. 

 What do you think? 

Love some advice/feedback NoEllis82"

 If it's Kill Points only I'd skimp on Troops and thus get a tiny Scout squad with Missile Launcher + Cloaks. Sink the rest of your points into other stuff. Are there vehicle restrictions on AV? If not I'd grab some Preds or Dreads over the Speeders as you've got some pretty decent mobility in the GoI Sternguard. If there are AV restrictions and Preds are out but Dreads are in, keep the Speeders (perhaps in two squads of two) and then grab a Dread or two - MM/DCCW or Rifledreads both work here though with the smaller board and less propensity to mass melta, the MM Dread is a good buy.

Also, you don't need Epistolary on your Librarian - it'll be nice to cast both GoI and Null Zone but it's not necessary - the only case one would find it 100% necessary would be against Daemons and you can find a much better use for those 50 points.

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