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Saturday, April 14, 2012

To a tournament we go...

So after a mad week of painting (organisation in this endeavour really isn't my strong point...) I got quite a bit but not all of it finished :P. 15 out of the 20 ASM are pretty much 100% done, just a bit of detailing on some to be done. The other five have their base colors down but minimal highlighting as with the two Priests (which I really want to go back on and convert some more...maybe Warding Staves as Force Staves which protect a sort of Dome of Energy representing the Blood Chalice FNP/FC effect...). Anywho, Mephiston conversion on my Librarian is also completely done and the vehicles are all pretty much set outside of detailing on a few. All in all, not bad though my Scouts didn't get done - borrowing a friends :( (not Vincey's!).

The fun thing about this army...there are over 130 magnets in use. That's roughly 26 magnets per squad and fully magnetised weapons on the vehicles. My vision of a fully interchangeable army is getting there...finally. Hopefully I can paint an extra 500 points by early May for the 2000 point tourney...

Regardless, here are some pictures! I'll post any updates I can through Vince's phone (who is taking Night Lords counts-as Blood Hammer again). Five games with primary and secondary win conditions - let the games commence!

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