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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Walking Dead: Zombie Guardsmen!

Master Shake has been at it again. Fresh off finishing the Orkquisition, his big Grey Knights counts as project, he's back with the Zombie Guard.

And who doesn't like zombies? They are all over the TV and internets, so why not make a 40k army of them?  Well he did, and if this first veteran squad is any indication, his new army will rock.

The Conversion(s)

Shake converted up the guardsmen from a mix of Mantic's Zombie kit, and Games Workshop parts here and there.

What I like most is all the dynamic "'I'm going to eat your brain" poses he did. You can tell he really took his time and thought out the style and theme to the army, and didn't just run into the project all half cocked.

The Chimera is airbrushed up with various greens and metals, It's obvious these guys used to be Cadians...

Another great army in progress from Master Shake.

Three Sixty, and walking dead shots below. Look for the plasma gunner that failed his "gets hot" save.

Like these guys? Be sure to checkout Shakes blog, Grotzilla! where he posts more musings on the game we all love. -MBG

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