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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Australia's next NOVA tournament - Event Horizon

This is the 2nd year running for Event Horizon and hopefully it will be bigger and better than last year! For that to happen though, you have to attend. 3++con was an excellent success with over 50 participants so there's no reason Event Horizon cannot be bigger considering the drop-outs we had! Here are the details:

Event Horizon

1850 Points

Date: Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 June 2012

Location: Hornsby War Memorial Hall – next to Hornsby RSL Club, 2 High Street, Hornsby, NSW 2077

Payment: Entry at $50 per person

We've already look at the missions which are NOVA based but with some changes to spice things up for those of you who find the missions boring after six games. Denis, the TO, will be posting some more things related to EH over the coming weeks as we build-up to what is the last 5th edition NOVA tournament in Australia. 

Make sure you come!

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