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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Biomorph Forum Launch

Kirby gets so excited, doesn't he? =P

But yes, it is true: Project Biomorph has it's own website and forum! You can find it over at Please register an account and get to posting!

Also, remember that there are no project obligations except for those you choose. You do not need to submit a certain amount to be part of biomorph, you do not need to involve yourself deeply in any projects. Even if you post once and disappear, you've still contributed and I'm still glad you came by. I'll be putting up some posts in the various subforums later today to get the ball rolling. But in truth, I'm even late to that party: there are several good threads going on in the General Discussion section right now. This is only the first stage of the project. Right now, we're gathering opinions and locating problem spots, figuring out the kind of language we want to use, and getting to know each other. It's a great time to get involved.

And a note about 6th- I've said (and Kirby) that if 6th edition doesn't suck we won't push forward the project. I'm starting to think we will anyway. I've received a flood of supportive emails from people thanking me for creating the project, and expressing their desire for a continuation of 5th. A lot of people are dedicated to the project, and I'm not going to abandon anyone or anything as long as people are still willing to work with me. I want to thank the community again, and there's a reason for that. (Well, besides the fact that I'm incredibly grateful.) This project lives or dies on it's community. You can be the most talented designer in the world, but if you don't have anyone to play your games with, if you can't test and learn, you won't be putting out good products. I realize that means that whatever the community gives, I will have to give even more- motivation has to be kept high, which means I have to work a lot.

But that's okay, because I find it incredibly rewarding. I hope that I can make you guys feel the same way. It would be incredibly easy for me to shut myself away in my tower of design, doling out only the barest information to my testers. But that sucks. That's not fun for anyone, and there's no reason this can't be fun. The community is involved in every step of the way: they give me ideas, they discuss changes, they help me write gud. Now, we have direction, we have intelligence, and we have skills. Let's put them to use.

You can also contact me at You already know that, because holy hell, a lot of you have. I'm sorry that I haven't responded to most of you- it's a personal goal that I will by the end of the day. A deadly task, to be sure. You can still email me, but your best option if you want to become involved is to sign up for the forum- you can start working instantly, and I'll most likely redirect you to the forum anyway, but if you have anything personal to tell me, you can do it there.

A final note, yes, I get the hate mail too. I'm not sure why this project seems to personally offend some of you. It makes me sad. =( I'm not going to stop, though, and there's no amount of threatening to not read my blog that will stop me.  If you don't like this project, just don't visit the forum and don't read the posts on it, it's as simple as that.  Though I sill wish you would- you may find something you actually like. =)

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