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Friday, May 18, 2012

Project Biomorph Forum - Up & Running

Sir Biscuit will be angry at stealing his thunder but he can handle it like a big boy :). Thanks to some huge help from Lexington with the behind the scenes action, the Project Biomorph forum is up and running - linked here and on the top of 3++. You can get the ball rolling there or sign up to help out if you wish.

I'll reiterate here - this is only if 6th edition is really bad. The rumors that are trickling down through the main rumormongers and what we've heard aren't stellar but as always, we don't have the full picture until the book rolls around. We hope it's good, we hope it's great but if it's not, we've got a project going which could hopefully solve the issues perceived. If 6th edition isn't a bust, well we'll have had fun and some good ideas we could potentially use to create a good tournament format for the edition, etc.

Sir Biscuit will post more info later.

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