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Friday, May 25, 2012

Email in: 1850 Dark Eldar List for Tournament in June

"Hi Will,

Great blog yada yada yada...

This A-hole (I mean - a real jerk) wants me to go to Event Horizon in June (Just kidding - you know I love you man).  I'm tossing up between two lists at the moment:

List 1 - Webway Hybrid (1850 pts)

Haemonculus (WWP)
2 x 6 Harlequins (2 fusion pistols, 6 kisses)
4 x 5 Kabalite Warriors (blaster) in Raider (FF, SP)
2 x 3 Wracks in Venom (extra splinter cannon)
3 Beastmasters (5 Khymerae, 4 Razorwing Flocks)
2 x 5 Scourges (2 haywire blasters)
3 x Ravager

Plan is for the Haemonculus to zip up with a warrior squad and deploy WWP in games where I need to be aggressive or have more deployment options.  Harlequins and beasts will be in reserve and come in through portal unless I need a screen or want to come in off my table edge.  In defensive games I may start them on the board to act as a counter assault.  Scourges will suppress vehicles to give me some more control.  Warriors will try to destroy tanks, and if that fails, their raiders can always be glorified battering rams.  Wracks will camp backfield and venoms will shoot infantry from afar.  Ravagers do what they do best.

List 2 - Mech with Wyches (1847 pts)

2 x Haemonculus (liquifier gun)
2 x 4 Kabalite Trueborn (2 splinter cannons) in Raider (FF)
2 x 5 Kabalite Warriors (blaster) in Raider (FF, SP)
2 x 3 Wracks in Venom (extra splinter cannon)
2 x 9 Wyches (hekatrix, venom blade, shardnet & impaler, haywire grenades) in Raider (FF, SP)
2 x 5 Scourges (2 haywire blasters)
3 x Ravager

Haemonculi start with wyches to give them a pain token and either ride off with them for some liquifier fun or join another squad.  Wyches will then tarpit scary units or kill weaker ones, with some haywires for dreads or backup AT.  Haemonculi would stay onboard so the wyches have fleet.  Trueborn will move where needed to provide AI and snatch tokens or an extra lance shot from their raiders.  Warriors, wracks, scourges and ravagers as per above list.

So there they are.  Any comments or preferences between the lists would be appreciated.  Additional considerations are that List 1 would probably be more fun but List 2 would be easier for me to assemble and paint since I have/will have most of the units in time.  I think getting my army ready in time will be my main challenge!  I obviously also need to get some playtesting in to improve my 40k-fu.  Blocking and providing cover to my own units and movement in general is where I expect I need the most help.


The second list is miles better IMO though I would be running the Trueborn with Dark Lances or Blasters over splinter fire - look to potentially add some extra Venoms elsewhere (for Warriors or Trueborn) to compensate for loss of anti-infantry. Otherwise that list is looking very solid.

For the Hybrid WWP, you really need Duke I feel in such a list to get the most out of your vehicles - i.e. if needed you can deep-strike them and since they have long effective ranges, you don't have to do so too dangerously. Otherwise adding in some Shadowseers for the Harlequins is going to make them better delivery systems for the WWP which only having one of is going tobe restrictive enough as it is.

Since the WWP list needs several changes I'd be looking at the mech list even though it's more painting before the tournament.

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