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Friday, May 25, 2012

Warmachine Knowledge Request - Circle, Cygnar & Trollbloods

Several friends of mine are looking to start Warmachine, each with a different faction. Each of them asked for help yet there's only so much I can give since I am also learning and not intmately familiar with the factions outside of the one I am currently playing. So, through me, they are asking you for help =D! The armies the are looking at (obviously) are Circle, Cygnar and Trollbloods.

General information about the army and what the general good units/casters and stay away from units/casters would be appreciated. Basics in terms of  playstyle, etc. as well wouldn't go amiss ^^. Here's a bit of brief information from each player in terms of likes/dislikes.

Circle -

Huge fan of the wolds - particularly the Guardian so being able to use those would be great. Shifting Stones seem like an obvious shoo-in as well as the Warpwolf plastic kit but what else and are the Wolds viable?

Cygnar - 

Has been told eHaley/Caine/Stryker are good - about all I know :P. Like the Storm Lancers, Long Gunners & Jacks in general but otherwise advice on all-rounder lists would be appreciated. Are mercanaries really super necessary?

Trollbloods -

I will be starting off my foray into Warmahordes with Trollbloods. The models are cool and they seem to have very few bad unit choices. With my first purchase I’m looking to get 35 points – I will be getting the warpack starter box but beyond that I’m not really sure what I should buy to compliment it. Note that I haven’t played any games and am still working my way through the rulebook. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

War Party Tier 2 List (35 points):

Madrak Ironhide (+6)
Dire Troll Mauler (9)
Troll Axer (6)
Troll Impaler (5)
2 x Kriel Warriors (max) w/ Standard & Piper (2x8-2)
Krielstone Bearer & Scribes (min) w/ Stone Scribe Elder (4)
Fell Caller Hero (3)

It’s based on synergy. The Mauler can increase the strength of Ironhide or himself, the Axer can boost the Mauler’s speed and the Impaler can increase his own or Ironhide’s throw range. Warriors look awesome for their point cost and with buffs from the KSB and Fell Caller will be pretty formidable units.

Any comment or advice from yourself or the community would be appreciated. I welcome suggestions for the use of other units/warbeasts too.


So 3++ community - help out the new guys please!

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