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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Email in: 1850pt DeathwingStar

"Kirby, I've been thinking about going to a RTT toward the end of June, and I've been trying to come up with a list based around the concept of a Deathwing deathstar. I know a lot of people have problems with deathstars, but I'm looking for a fresh new way to play my deathwing. The problem is, I'm having trouble fitting everything I need into an 1850 pt list (I'm actually not entirely sure that's the point limit for the tournament, as they still have not posted any details other than the date but that's what it was last year.). I'm stumped as to how to make this concept work effectively, so I'm turning to you for help. So here's the basic setup for the DeathwingStar.
Belial - TH/SS Interrogator Chaplain - combi-plasma (I've already modelled this on, though removing it isn't entirely out of the question since I don't have him painted yet.) 

Deathwing - 3x TH/SS, CML, CF, LC, Apothecary, Standard (All my Deathwing are loaded out the same barring the command squad upgrades, but assembling and painting a few more isn't out of the question either.) 

Land Raider Crusader This comes in at a whopping 825 pts. 

Everything I come up with is either light troops, or light anti-infantry. It's be hard for me to effectively play-test my lists, as everyone I play with is either below my power level, or I've played with them enough to know their play style and can often predict what they're going to do. 

Any help would be appreciated! 


Going with the 'stock-standard' DA list here is going to fix a lot of your issues. Simply drop the Land Raider and the Chaplain, add in 4-5 extra Deathwing squads, 2-3 Typhoons and 2-3 Dakka Preds depending how points work out. Use Deathwing assault as needed to get your heavy unit closer to the opponent or simply walk them across the board using their durability, stormbolters and CML to good effect. The Chaplain makes them a bit more potent on the charge so if you're really looking to make the unit scarier with him look to trim a Deathwing squad and add in a Dread with points saved (or another vehicle). Otherwise the LRC isn't really needed - Deathwing thrives on being able to chuck out 20+ missiles a turn and just walking across the table - the LRC takes away bodies though it does bring a nice set of advantages, I'd rather have the extra bodies or array of firepower from multiple cheaper vehicles.

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