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Friday, June 8, 2012

Batrep: pDoomshaper vs eVayl

Hey there people, Archnomad here with a WM/H Batrep between 2 of my friends. Now, I should say in advance that the game was played on an actual board, the Vassal pics are a visual representation I did out of the good of my heart so there are some creative liberties with terrain placement (it didn't exactly match) and unit placement (woops). However hopefully it's good enough. So, here we go....

So, Bryce has pDoomy and Calandra as his lists. He chose pDoomy.

Fraser got bullied into playing eVayl by me. His other options were Bethayne (the smart choice, the one he tailor made to deal with trolls), and pThagrosh.

Here are the players lists:

War Wagon
Min Krielstone w/UA
10 Pyg Burrowers
Fel Caller Hero

Reinforcements: 10 Fennblades w/UA

Min Legionnaires
Max Spawning Vessel
Spell Martyr

Reinforcements: 10 Hex Hunters and a Deathstalker

The Scenario was was Envelopment.

This was the board before Deployment:

Fraser wins choice of first turn with a 7 (eVayl Tier 4). Fraser takes first. Bryce takes the north side.

There was smack talk before the match. Both players now had a stake in this. Shit just got real.

This is how the board looked after deployment:
The Spell Martyr ran straight forward. Vayl activated and put Refuge on the right hand angel and Admonition on the more central one. She then arced an Obliteration at the Pygs, which missed and deviates, hitting 3 Pygs and killing one (2 passed tough). Otherwise it was mostly running and ravagores dropping Scather templates.

Shot after Fraser's Turn 1:
Pygs Burrow. Giving not a single eff for Scathers.

Janissa walks forward, putting down a wall. Mulg Runs. pDoomy puts Banishing Ward on Mulg and 2 into the stone and advances. Bouncer runs. The BE moved up and shot at the Scythean to no effect. Otherwise stuff advanced. The Krielstone went up and did immune to continuous effect and +2 Arm.

Shot After Bryce's Turn 1:
eVayl leached to 8 and upkept Refuge but not Admonition. Then did some measuring and and squinted at the board. The Angel on the right advanced and took a Hand Cannon shot as Janissa. He boosted and hit and boosted to do 6 damage. Then he Refuged away. eVayl hiked up her britches and moved a little, hotswapping Refuge to the other Angel and put Admonition on the Scythean. Angel #2 Charged the mauler, boosted his attack roll and his damage was boosted  from the charge. At dice +5 for the armour pierce he did 15 to the 4. Then he refuged away. The Legionnaires ran. The left Ravagore moved up and was a hair out of range on the Mauler. The other ravagore moved up and shot his own Legionnaire for a Scather. Pro plays. The Harrier fails a charge on the bouncer. The pot advanced. The shepherds advanced.

Shot after Fraser's Turn 2:
Hoarluk Doomshaper leached to 7 and upkept Banishing Ward for free. Bryce brought up the Pygs. The battle Engine advanced a tiny bit and took a point from the scather. The Battle Engine killed a pair of Legionnaires and knocked one down. pDoomy walked up and cast Rush on the Mauler, and cast Fortune on it. And he gave one to the Krielstone. and Healed the Mauler. Then the Mauler activated and charged the Angel. He missed both of his initial attacks even with Fortune. His first bought took out the body. His second did another 9. He left the angel on 5 boxes, 2 in spirit and 3 in mind due to some unlucky rolls. The Fell Caller moved up, sprayed the Legionnaires and was out of range to give the pygs a warcry. The pygs went to town on the Legionnaires. The axer advanced and killed the harrier. Mulg advanced, so did the bouncer and Janissa put down a wall. Scoring starts and nobody gets a point. The stone does it's arm and continuous.

Shot after Bryce's Turn 2:
eVayl leaches to 8 and upkeeps Refuge and Admonition. The Hex Hunters and Deathstalker come on. The shepherd moved up and healed the Angel's body for one. The Angel then boosted the hit and damage roll of the armour pierce on the Mauler, killing it and consolidating with Refuge. eVayl activates and throws the Oraculus at the Scythean and cast Refuge on the other Angel. eVayl missed a breath stealer at the Pygs. The Hex hunters charged killing four pygs due to some AWESOME tough rolls. The deathstalker advanced and shot a Pyg, and snap fired killing another pyg. The lone Legionnaire charged a Pyg and he made his tough. 3 Pygs were left. The left Ravagore advanced and boosted a shot to hit at mulg. The blast did fuck all to Mulg, killed Janissa (WOO! BITCH DOWN!) and did nothing to the Battle Engine. The right hand Angel walked up to the lone pyg near him and went omnomnom. He didn't activate a Ravagore, the pot of a shepherd cause he ran out of time. Fraser scores a control point.

Shot at the end of Fraser's turn 3:
Bryce brought on his Fennblades and leached and cut for 3 to 7, and upkept Banishing Ward for Free. The Fennblades ran. The Pygs burrow. The Bouncer moved up and swiped a Legionnaire. Mulg got Rushed and Fortuned. Tramples, buys and kills the Angel. By the way, if you spot models moving it's because the game wasn't played on Vassal, this is to help you understand what's going on. You might have to give me some creative licence here to make things meet up.  The battle engine advanced, fired and killed the Deathstalker and 2 Hex Hunters. Axer walked up and threshered one. He bought and killed another. The krielstones popped their armour thing, and one guy made an attack on the hex hunters. The fell caller pathfindered, walked up and shot the shepherd, missing him and the ravagore.

Shot at the end of Bryce's turn 3:
Fraser leaches to 8 and upkeeps Refuge and Admonition. The Scythean charges Mulg. The Scythean goes apeshit on Mulg and takes him to 2 boxes with the jankiest rolling of the game. The Angel charges the axer and does 22 damage to the 1, killing it,  with the jankiest rolling of the game so far... He moves up with Refuge. The stinger charges Mulg, and is at dice-9, rolls 9 and takes out his own body spiral. Maybe this is what spiny growth feels like. The pot spawns a second Stinger, who charges mulg and kills him. The Hex Hunters get a run/charge order and kill some models out of the Krielstone unit. I realise here I missed some models from the pot unit. Woops. Vayl moves  and throws her Oraculus at a Ravagore, hitting, doing no damage and puts Icy Grip on the Fennblades. The right Ravagore moves and shoots Doomshaper, and does 11 damage. Doomshaper transfers to the Bouncer. The other Ravagore shoots at the Fell Caller, killing him. Fury management does his things and stuff.

Shot at the end of Fraser's turn 4.
Bryce was getting desperate. The sweat hung off his brow. He was in a bad place and he only had one out. The pygs came up. The bouncer walks a bit, and Doomy moves out of the Angel's Melee, taking a free strike. He cast a stranglehold on Vayl and rolled 15 for damage, Vayl transferred 12 to the Ravagore's 1. He popped his feat and cast Fortune on the Battle Engine. The battle engine fired an aoe knocking down a bunch of stuff including Vayl (who he did 4 damage to). The spray shot and did some  damage to a stinger and killed another. This was the worst play of the game and bryce is a fucking idiot, because Vayl got to reave. The Pygs charged into Vayl, the hope dying in their eyes, as they failed to kill her through transfers.

They called it here as doomy was gonna die to an Angel. Vayl lived on 8hp with no transfers, had he not killed the Stinger he would have won. Idiot.

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