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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Email in: Army List question

"Hi Kirby

I’ve been having problems beating a 750 guard list (witch ironically I build), with my Dark Angels. I must admit I’m not a terribly experienced player, and would like whatever help that you can give me.

The IG list-
HQ- CCS (Commander has a Boltgun, Sniper Rifle x2, Autocannon)
TROOPS- Infantry Platoon
-PCS (Flamer, GL)
-HWS (Autocannon x3)
Troops- Veteran Squad (sgt-bolt pistol, Metagun x 3, Chimera w/Heavy Stubber)
Heavy-Leman Russ (HB sponsons)

They tend to castle the list in a corner protected but as much terrain as they can get in start up, and hide the chimera somewhere else to capture points of run out a IS late game.

My old list-
HQ- Interrogator-Chaplain (Bike)
Troops- 10-man Tactical Squad (sgt-PW, Metagun, rhino)
Troops-10-man Tactical Squad (Lascannon)
Fast- Ravenwing Attack Squad (sgt-PWm Flamer, AB w/ meta)

I spilt the lascannon squad in two sticking the LC in as much cover as I could get and used the other half to take a easy objective.

New list
HQ- Chapter Master (PW, Storm Bolter*, JP)
Elites-Dreadnought (Twin-linked LC, ML)
Troops- 5-Tactical Squad (rhino, metagun)
Troops- 5-Tactical Squad (Flamer)
Fast- 5-man Assault Squad (sqt w/ PF)
Fast-Ravenwing Support Squadron (1 landspeeder w/ typhoon)
*the DA codex stills says “take” not “replace” when it comes to storm bolters so he still get the CC pistol bonus.

I don’t really like this list because it only has ten scoring models but I can’t really think of anything else. My plan is to fly forward with the AS+CM to engage them in hand to hand while the landerspeeder goes anti-infantry and light vehicles (hopefully on their side armor. And the TS just try and stay alive, I hope the next DA codex has scouts as troops.

Thank you,

Unfortuantely Anna, the Dark Angel book really only has one thing going for it - Deathwing and you generally need to build around that. At lower points as well, well everything is a little bit difficult and certain armies (like IG) do much better there comparatively.

Your first list has too much scoring - and Tacticals aren't exactly the most offensive of scoring units. Running the second list is a better idea in terms of getting more firepower into your army but I'd be looking to replace the Tacticals with Terminators, Chapter Master with Belial and then dropping the ASM. Use the spare points on Ravenwing stuff to get some fast scouting melta to drop those Chimeras early, etc.

If you didn't want that route, but wanted to keep the core of Tacticals, grab some Ravenwing bikes instead of the ASM - with scout and melta options they are able to engage the IG infantry or drop tanks faster than the ASM. Sammael could also make them scoring but is a pricey fit at 750 points.

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