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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Email in: Query regarding a draigo/karmazov list

"Hi Kirby,

I spoke to you earlier this evening about some list advice. Firstly, while I have been playing WH40k for about 7 years now I have played predominantly balanced armies against a variety of opponents. Recently I have started playing more competitive games particularly against Jason (Jason Collins I believe you know him) and while he generally tables me or wins convincingly I am gaining ground on him and learning from him.

With that in mind I have put together a list or part of one which is a work in progress. I must admit though the idea to add karmazov to the list was jason's idea but everything else is pretty stock standard.

My list is:


Karmazov (basically there to take lascannon, krak grenades and other str 8 or 9 shots until paladins get into combat)

10 paladins (4 master crafted psycannons and a mixture of weapons to spread wounds)

2 venerable psyfle dreads

This comes to 1,475

Now I have experimented with a solo din for the extra troop choice, a strike squad and still not sure whch will be the most viable. I tend to play at 1,750 points (although for tournies play seems to be at 1,850 so would like to get to that as well). I'm not sure what to do with the extra 275. I have thought about a strike squad and a cheap interceptor squad. The problem is once I lose a dread or both (although this very rarely happens) I have no long range shooting. Also I find I don't have many bodies on the field with this list. I have heard some people using a techmarine as a grenade caddy and I guess he could repair my dreads, I'd consider using him in my 1,850 list but don't know if he would fit into my 1,750 list.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

By the way I read you follow the NBA, well I have been following the Rockets for almost 20 years now, shame they're pretty crap.



At least you got two championships :P. I'd not run the Ven dreads but rather normal Dreads -more shooting power, same points. Less durable but hey, more shooting!. With the extra points I would indeed be looking to get more bodies - you obviously need another scoring unit but you want as much firepower and bodies as you can so something like a small strike squad (potentially in a Razorback) and then a max Purifier (potentially in a Rhino) or Interceptor squad which Draigo can use his Grand Strategy on is best.

You don't need a grenade caddie - you have a huge combat potential already. So simply look to expand the list in terms of firepower and bodies.

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