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Monday, June 11, 2012

Email in: Bikes and Ironclads army list @ 2K

"Howdy 3++ Team!

I recently played a 2k point tourney down in SA running a new list with some recently acquired bikers. I did as well as expected with a brand new army (1W/1L/1D) while battling with some pissed off dice gods... This was what I was running:

- Kor'Sarro Khan + Bike 205
- Command Squad, Kitted out for wound allocation, TH, LC's, PF and meltagun on a LC vet, 4 Storm Shields 370
- 3 x Ironclad w/ Heavy Flamer/Hunter Killers + Drop pod 180 (540)
- 3 x 8 Bikes, Attack Bike, multi-melta and 2 meltaguns 285 (855)

After the second game with a IG army (that managed to refuse an entire flank and auto killed my command squad and HQ) I wondered about the command squad viability and points value. T5 with a 3++ and FNP for general wounds is pretty decent but at 53 to 73 points a model a single wound really hurts. The Ironclads were stellar though and helped me claw back some KP for a narrow loss of 7/9 KP and performed well for all 3 games in general.

I was thinking of dropping the command squad and Khan for a Captain and Librarian on Bikes and another full bike squad, thoughts suggestions, play GK?

Cheers lads!


Bikes work best in two ways - all Bikes or Hybrid. When running all Bikes two command squads is a must - it's too easy to shoot one off the board.

With that in mind - choose what you want. Double command bikers or no command bikers. From the sounds of it you'd prefer the second route so drop the Command Bike squad, grab a Libby on a Bike and use the extra points for another Bike squad and/or support pieces such as Predators & Speeders.

Ironclads help out with your combat deficiency but can be run as normal Dreads as well and not in Drop Pods. Remember, Bikes are already really good at getting melta into the opponent so when branching out around the Bikes, you want units which can help them where they aren't good (ranged warefare, combat, etc.).

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