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Monday, June 11, 2012

Vinsanity's Choice of 40K and Fantasy Tournament Lists Lists!

Hey guys. So around here we have a 40k and a fantasy tourney coming up quite soon and I'm planning to go to both. I just wanted some list thoughts on these. For the 40k one, it will either be Necrons or Orks at 1850 and for the fantasy one it will either be Beastmen or Orcs & Goblins at 2500... So onto the lists. I will have comments after each one...
1850 Necrons


2x Necron Overlord - Warscythe, Catacomb Command Barge with Gauss Cannon 360pts
2x 4 Crypteks - 4 x Eldritch Lances, 1 Cryptek has a Sonar Pulse, (1 Cryptek in one of the squads has a Gaze of Flame) 160pts and 170pts


2x Triarch Stalkers - Heat Ray 300


2x 5 Necron Warriors in Ghost Arks 360
2x 5 Immortals - Tesla Carbines 170

Fast Attack

2x 5 Scarabs 150

Heavy Support

2x Annihilation Barges - Underslung Gauss Cannons 180

Total: 1850

Notes: Its very symmetrical :D It appears to have enough firepower to deal with most lists but I think mech IG and mech SW still scare the shit out of me. Heavy meltagun armies too. Ideally I'd run 4x5 immortals and 4 nightscythes... alas I do not have the money for that. I think this list has a bit of everything which might be good or bad depending on how you look at it...

So list 2 is Orks:  

1850 Orks (WAAAGH!!)


Big Mek - Kustom Force Field 85
Warboss Power Klaw, 'eavy Armour 90


4x Meganobz - Kombi Rokkit, Kombi Skorcha 170 1x Dedicated Battlewagon - Deffrolla, Big Shoota 115


20x Boyz - Sluggas, Choppas, 1 is Nob - Bosspole, Power Claw, Slugga 160
20x Boyz - Sluggas, Choppas, 1 is Nob - Bosspole, Power Claw, Slugga 160
12x Boyz - Sluggas, Choppas, 1 is Nob - Bosspole, Power Claw, Slugga 112 1x Dedicated Trukk Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram 40
12x Boyz - Sluggas, Choppas, 1 is Nob - Bosspole, Power Claw, Slugga 112 1x Dedicated Trukk Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram 40
10x Grots - Runherder 40
4x Meganobz - Kombi Rokkit, Kombi Skorcha 170 1x Dedicated Battlewagon - Deffrolla, Big Shoota 115

Fast Attack

 3x 2 Warbuggies Twin-Linked Rokkit Launchas 210

Heavy Support 2x Battlewagons - Deffrolla, Big Shoota 115

Total: 1850

Notes: It is Orks so they're automatically winning since they never lose a fight... Basically its a Battlewagon rush with a lot more claws than I previously had. I did consider Dakkajets but they were too expensive money and points wise. The former list was a bit slow with the 9 kanz not being able to keep up while this one has lots of boyz that can hit fairly hard and quite quickly, depending on the state of the wagons after being shot a bit. Vehicles are still a problem but... its Orks so enemy vehicles will always be a problem. Hopefully games will finish on time with this list too, the 25 vehicle Ork army got to turn 4 if I was lucky =/

Now onto the fantasy lists. I haven't played fantasy in quite a while and while 8th isn't exactly to my liking, its still quite a fun game and over half of my collection is fantasy so I'm all in at this point :D

2500 Night Goblins

Lords (555):

Skarsnik and Gobbla 275
2 x Night Goblins Great Shaman (Lvl 3) 280

Heroes (142):

Night Goblin Big Boss - BSB, Standard of Discipline, light armour, shield 74
2 x Night Goblin Big Boss - Great Weapons 68

Core (782):

64 x Night Goblins - spears, shields, Full Command, 2 Fanatics, Netters 317
50 x Night Goblins - hand weapons, shields, Full Command, 2 Fanatics, Netters 275
2 x 20 Night Goblins - shortbows, standard, 1 Fanatic 190

Special (610):

Squig Herd - 30 Squigs, 10 Herders 270
Squig Herd - 30 Squigs, 10 Herders 270
2 x Spear Chukkas 70

Rare (465):

2 x Mangler Squigs 130
2 x Doomdivers 160
1 x Rock Lobbas 85
2 x Snotling Pump Wagons 90

Total: 2554

 Notes: Why yes that is two hordes of squigs... I'm over points on this one and not sure what to cull, probably bigbosses or spear goblins. Skarsnik does delaying things and his Ld is quite high (for a night goblin) with the Standard in the horde unit so thats my best bet against hordes of Night Goblins running away. I think its got enough hitting power and magic to do some nice damage and enough goblins to hang around in fights for a little bit longer, especially with netters. The shooting was originally better but I decided to add more goblins :D

Finally onto the beastmen...  

2500 Beastmen

 Lords - 573pts

 Beastlord, Armor of Destiny, Crown of Command, Sword of Battle, Shield 248
Great Bray Shaman, Lvl 4 (Lore of Beasts), Fencer's Blades, Jagged Dagger, Talisman of Preservation 325

Heroes - 546pts

Wargor BSB, Beast Banner, Gnarled Hide, Heavy Armor, Shield 206
Bray Shaman (Lore of Shadow), Shard of the Herdstone 125
Bray Shaman (Lore of Shadow), Dispell Scroll 100
Bray Shaman (Lore of Shadow), Chalice of Dark Rain 115

Core - 646pts

39 Gors, AHW, Full Command 337
40 Ungors, Standard Bearer, Musician, Spears 249
2x5 Ungor raiders 60

Special - 733pts

39 Bestigors, Full Command, Standard of discipline 513
2x5 Harpies 110
Razorgor 55
Razorgor 55

Total - 2498pts

 Notes: Beastmen are underrated in 8th. I don't think they're a very popular army either which probably has something to do with the interwebz perception that they're shit... Anyway, the core of the list are obviously the combat blocks that can/are buffed by beast banner/beast magic, whilst the enemy is constantly debuffed by annoying shadow signature spell. The Chalice is pretty nice too because one of the weaknesses of Beastmen is the enemy shooting phase :P Beastmen armies are pretty good in that they have enough disposable chaff to deploy before any real units as well as get in the way of things I don't want to get near with my main blocks. Primal fury + debuffed enemy tends to result in dead enemy :) Anyway, that's about it.

Any comments about lists would be much appreciated, I don't have too long to decide which ones to take :D

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