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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Email in: Blood Angels Escalation List Help

"Hey Kirby!

I haven't been on your blog before, but a few friends suggested I turn to you for some BA army list devising help.

I'd be really grateful if you could help me out with some criticism and advice.
The list below is for escalation purposes, just in case people want to play different amounts of points.

So here it is:

Librarian w/ Shield of Sanguinius, Unleash Rage; combi-flamer 110
Assault Squad (5) w/ meltagun 110
Assault Squad (5) w/ meltagun 110
Razorback w/ TL-Assault Cannons 55 (Dedicated to squads above)
Razorback w/ TL-Assault Cannons 55
Land Speeder w/ multi-melta 60

All of the above
Terminator Assault Squad (5) w/ 2x TH&SS, 3x LC 210
Land Raider Redeemer 240
Sanguinary Priest 50

All of the above
Assault Squad (5) w/ meltagun 110
Razorback w/ TL-Assault Cannons 55
Devastator Squad w/ 4x missile launchers 130
Sanguinary Priest 50 (most likely going to be with the Devastators)
Baal Predator w/ flamestorm cannon, heavy bolter sponsons 145
Multi-melta upgrade for the Redeemer 10

All of the above
Baal Predator w/ TL-Assault Cannons, heavy bolter sponsons 145
Furioso Dreadnought w/ blood talons 125 (tanks will provide mobile cover)
Land Speeder w/ multi-melta 60
Sternguard Veteran Squad (5) w/ 2x combi-meltas 135 (pop a tank first turn?)
Drop Pod 35

Well, what do you think? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for the feedback, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

I also wanted to include that the list was based off of what I have currently and what I plan on getting soon.
Oh, and I'm not a fan of dual autocannon dreadnoughts or death company, the former due to conversion time and requirements, the latter because they're extremely unreliable, at least, from my personal experiences.

I plan on sticking away from special characters, mainly because they're too "cheesy" or "op," according to the majority of my picky opponents.
So I want to play "fair," their way.

Oh, and I dislike Sanguinary Guard too. They're fragile, thanks to no invul, and they're worth the same as a Terminator Squad.

Sorry for the extreme pickiness: it's all because of the budget I have and the past experiences I've had.

I know you have WAY more experience than I do, but if you can, please refrain from those. Please.

Thank you so so much.


The evolution looks pretty good until we get to 1500 - assuming you're happy with a single rock force. Here we run into two issues: Baals & Devs in a mech list.

Devastators have a hard time seeing over your own stuff unless they get a hill or ruins to stand on - not always possible. Preds have this issue as well but they are at least capable of moving to draw the tiny little bits of LoS needed. Rifledreads are obviously the preference here but since you don't want them, we can ignore them.

Baals suffer from being a bit expensive - they are quite usable but you really want to fill your Heavy Support choices before you bring these boys out to play. Between these two factors I'd be replacing the Devs & Baal with ACLC Predators (you should get the bits with the Baal boxes, otherwise fetching some Lascannons from friends/bitz shops shouldn't be too hard).

With the move to 2000 we again hit a few snags. The Sternguard unit is very easy KPs for your opponent and not a 100% sure thing to destroy a tank. The Furioso is slow (and a 4th Elite) and will have issues keeping up with your army and we only have 15 scoring bodies at 2000 - not enough. So part of this points jump should really be fixing that - I'd honestly be looking at a minimum of two squads here and then fill the squads out with pistols + dozer blades + a power weapon for the Sarge. This allows them to act as an impressive combat unit together and with the support of the Terminators (give the Redeemer EA btw), able to deal with most things.

The Land Speeders and Predators you have then provide support around this along with the Razorbacks. Spare points can get another Predator, Baals or more Speeders if you like.

Not sure what you exactly have on hand currently though so this may need you to buy a lot more than you want. I'm going to assume if you do have the Sternguard they can be worked into your ASM squads (as Sarges?) and the Baals can be turned into normal Preds (magnets are your best friend here) really leaving you with the RBack and maybe a couple of ASM purchases which isn't too bad.

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