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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Email in: Chaos Grey Knights

"Hello Mr Kirby.

I've enjoyed reading your 3++ site, and I've found it quite helpful in regards to list building and general game play. I first came to the world of Games Workshop about a year ago, a friend of mine works at a store, and he got me into 40k. My first army was Grey Knights, the way he intro'd me to all the armies left me certain that they were the ones for me. Seeing as they were the first models I ever got and painted, they didn't look that amazing, but fun was had. I've now come back to them, and have had a lot of fun converting them into chaos corrupted Grey Knights, stripping them of paint and jazzing them up with as much chaos iconography and daemonette heads as I can get my hands on. I still really like the look of Grey Knight armour. So I'm using the GK codex, but with converted models to suit my background for them.

 I enjoy 'power playing' to some degree, so I was happy to learn that Grey Knights are quite strong in this regard, for the time being. I'd like to finalise a list that is as universally strong as possible, I don't like the idea of tailoring my list to each fight and I'd rather have one fixed strong list to play with. I really liked the look of rifleman dreadnoughts, and made my own (very shabby) conversion a year ago. I've since decided that I like the look of them so much and given their usefulness, I'll be putting them into any list I do. I also love my Jokaeros, I joke that monkeys are chaotic enough as it is, and will not require any conversion to get them looking sufficiently chaosy. And I've been using some Dark Eldar Wyches and Warriors for Warrior Acolytes. I've been using a few Psycannon razorbacks, mostly due to fluffy based enjoyment, to rub it in the face of the loyalists... "We've got all this awesome equipment, and now we're using it for the glory of Chaos muhaha". But I know this might not be the best use of points, so your critique is appreciated.

My current list is as follows.

Ven Dread, Psycannon, DCCW + flamer
2x 5 Purifiers, 2 Psycannons, MC Hammer, Psycannon Razorback
10 GKSS, 2 Psycannons, Hammer, Psybolt Ammo, Rhino
Henchman, 2 Jokaero, 3 MM Servitors, Chimera
3x 3 Warrior Acolytes w/ Storm bolters, Psyback
5 Interceptors, Incinerator, MC Hammer
3x TLAC Psybolt Dreads

2000 points list

 The dreads are a must, I love the models I have now for them. The monkeys amuse me, and I would be sad to drop them from my list. I like the way interceptors could work, and I'd really like to keep them with and incinerator for purging scouts/rangers from top floors of ruins, but so far in my games they seem to get killed too easily or be a waste of points, not sure what to do with them if they are to work. The Ven Dread, at first I thought was a very strong tarpit and useful unit, but with only 2/3 attacks I'm not finding him that effective, though people seem to like shooting at him a lot to little effect, which is nice. I'd like to keep him if possible, as I love the model, but I realise more purifiers might be stronger overall. The GKSS I'm not at all fond of, I'd much rather be using more purifiers, not for the obvious reason that they are stronger, but I like the idea of calling them my 'Corrupters' and having so fluff fun. I'd much prefer a Librarian in my list, and I have a great idea for a conversion, but Coteaz offers a lot of good options.

The 'monkey mobile' idea I took straight from your site. I can see how it works well with coteaz in there blasting drop pod armies (and making my space wolf lucius pattern contemptor dreadnought friend think twice), but I've had a little trouble using them effectively otherwise. Perhaps there is another way to make use of the monkeys. I was thinking 2 Jokaeros and 3 Heavy Bolter servitors, and some warriors for wound tokens, sat in an objective building could work nicely, rending or extra range would be good.

I'm sure you've discussed this a lot, but I'd love to use Crowe, especially as I could try and do a great conversion for him. But he seems so weak as he is. A Crowe/librarian list would be nice, but I wouldn't know how to transport the librarian (I don't like storm ravens one bit, and I'm not that fond of land raiders either) and there's the Crowe problem.

I would love to have a filthy list, but I'm not all about that. When I'm playing kids in store I know how to make the game fun for them, and if I don't (or can't, sometimes) let them win, make sure that its close enough that they go away happy. Other than that I always like to feel I've done my best.

So basically, I've read and re-read all of your articles, but I find it hard to settle on one list that is strongly competitive all round, and satisfies my desire for certain units due to awesome looks. If you could offer me any ideas or suggestion lists, it would be much appreciated. And if you cannot, no worries. I imagine you get a lot of mail to read, and I understand if you cannot get through it all. Thank you for an interesting website with lots of great advice. Sorry for talking so much rubbish :)

Have a lovely day"

I can't wait for the fluff bunnies to cry over chaotic Grey Knights ^^.

Anyway, the basis there is okay but needs some work. Two things jump out as not great - Ven Dread & the Interceptors. I'll try and keep one but they are the weak units of the lot.

First, take the Acolyte squads to six strong each. Three is really weak, six at least has decent firepower and an okay body size. I'd keep the 10x GKSS as well - they provide a nice core Troops even though they aren't as efficient as Purifiers. From there, grab two backfield squads where your Jokers will be. I like to go 2x Jokerao + 6-7 Acolytes with bolters or Stormbolters depending upon points and buy them each a basic old Psyback or Passback for more vehicles and firepower. Coteaz then goes with one of the Purifiers and he gets to use his combat abilities up front (rather than sitting in the back with HB servitors).

The main loss here is melta so if you have the points spare or want to drop the stormbolters from Acolytes, getting meltaguns on the Aco squads isn't abad idea or if you have enough points for the Vendread again, get him with a MM option. Otherwise solid and steering away from Crowe is a fine idea - if you want to use him, max out the number of medium sized Purifier squads, support with Dreadnoughts and you're really set basically. Paladins + Libby can support if you want on foot (the army disembarks at some point) but you're better off with such a list based on what you're currently running.

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