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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Event Horizon Battle Report Game 2: Blood Angels vs Grey Knights

Game 2 was against Gary Morris (winner of bracket 4 at 3++con) and his Grey Knights. Mission was Kill Points primary with three diagonal objectives secondary and Dawn of War. Gary only had 10 Kill Points compared to my 18 and there were a lot more easier KP on my side of the board than on his. I won roll-off again and gave him first turn, particularly since it was Dawn of War.

My list can be found here and his list below. Sorry again for some 'solar pulsed' photos.

GK list:

Grandmaster w/goodies + Incinerator
10x Purifiers w/2x incinerators, halberds, 2x hammers
Dreadnought w/assault cannon, psybolt
10x Strikes w/2x Psycannons
5x GKT w/banner, psycannon, hammer
2x Rhinos
Dreadknight w/Teleport, Greatsword
Godhammer Land Raider


He deployed a Strike squad centrally and a Rhino off to the left behind some LoS blocking terrain (which he apparenelty though was impassable and thus we played it that way unfortunately). His Grand Strategy gave the Dreadnought + Dreadknight Scout so they outflanked and everything else came on Turn 1. I deploed my Scouts on the bottom right objective away from his Strike squad's shooting. Everything comes on Turn 1. I do not seize.

Grey Knight Turn 1

Strike Knightsmove backwards to the Rhino zooming onto the board, Land Raider moves on in the far right and Stormraven moves on in the far left but doesn't go Flat out. Mistake.

Blood Angel Turn 1

Gary has given me a chance and I'm going to take it. I split my deployment again with the two flamerbacks + Bikes + Dread on the right hiding from the Land Raider through the terrain. My Scouts were already here and I should have moved them - they were well within 18" of the board edge when they should not have been. In the middle are three flamerbacks + Mephy and on the left we have two Attack Bikes trying to hit the Rhino there (which should have moved backwards to protect itself) and the two Preds who move 12" to both shoot a Lascannon at the Stormraven (need an 8 to spot).

Lascannon 1 opens fire. 10 to spot. 5 to hit. 4 to pen. 6 to explode. GM takes a wound. We rolled to see what would happened with cover & 2nd lascannon and it would have lived (4+ pass on first lascannon, 2nd lascannon fail to spot). Purifiers are now stranded far away. MM attack Bikes make short work of the Rhino up front as well. 2-0 KP Grey Knights.

Grey Knight Turn 2

Losing the Stormraven early really hurt as it leaves the Purifiers so far away. They sludge through terrain whilst the Dreadnought, Dreadknight and Termies all come in thanks to psychic communion. Dreadnought comes in on left, Dreadkight on the right and Termies DS right in front of my Preds thanks to Servo-skulls. Strike squad in centre jumps into transport.

Dreadnought kills one Attack Bike which forces the other one to flee whilst the GKT immobilise one Pred. The Land Raider positions itself to just see around terrain with both sponsons and explodes one Razorback. Psycannons from Strike squad immobilise/shake one RBack on the left. Dreadknight laughs at Scouts in combat but not before they wound him!

KP 3-2 to Grey Knights.

Blood Angel Turn 2

That's the glory of cheap KP - GK claw their way back pretty quickly but I'm still in a very advantageous position if I can drop his main killing units. With that in mind my left and right flanks mobilise to kill the GKT and Dreadknight with melta fire. I need to ensure with my movement only one squad can be retaliated against as I don't want multi-assaults into multiple units happening and losing handfuls of KP.

Two ASM squads + Mephy and Preds line up the GKT on the left whilst three ASM squads, Dreadnought + Attack Bikes and Flamerbacks line up the DK on the right. Shooting is unleashed and the Dreadknight just falls down (failed save on Dreadnought autocannons after 5 of 8 meltas miss). On the left my shooting is just as poor and only two GKT fall over - importantly the banner is one of them so Mephiston rolls right into them but The hammer wounds him back and thankfully that's it.

KP 3-3.

Grey Knight Turn 3

The Purifiers keep coming at me but without any Rhino support, they aren't going to get anywhere fast (even if that meant leaving the GM behind). The Dreadnought moves up on the left to shoot some Pred side armor whilst the Strike squad team moves around for better firing positions. The Land Raider shifts to get double sponson shots again and we go shooting.

Psycannons wreck the already damaged RBack on the left whilst the Land Raider only manages to immobilise + shake one of the RBacks on the right. The Dreadnought does nothing and Mephy cleans up the GKT crew in combat and consolidates towards the Dreadnought.

4-4 KP tie.

Blood Angel Turn 3

Those cheap KP are still keeping Gary in the game atm despite me having a serious board advantage. The remaining mobile RBack on the right loads a squad and moves around the cover on the right to avoid using smokes. One of the ASM squads follows behind using their run move whilst the Attack Bikes turbo-boost towards the Land Raider. The final ASM squad hides behind the hill (when they should just get in the damn transport but they do that later). Dreadnought moves to cover the objective in case the Strike squad tries to come sit on it (and without a Hammer, aren't going todo much damage).

On the left one ASM squad jumps into the final RBack there and they swing up to the left whilst the other squad + Mephy and the mobile Pred level their guns at the Dreadnought. Their shooting immobilises it and Mephy finishes it off in combat. The Dreadnoughts shooting does nothing against the Strike Rhino.

5-4 KP to BA.

Grey Knight Turn 4

Purifiers keep moving through terrain so are being slowed down whilst the Strike Rhino pushes forward and drops the Strike Squad near my Pred + rear ASM squad. It pops smoke. The Strike squad unloads on the ASM and does something like 9 wounds - all passed, didn't even need FNP!

The Land Raider shoots everything at the fast moving Bikes but only drops one with a lascannon.

Still 5-4 KP to BA.

Blood Angel Turn 4

No easy KP last turn for Gary so time to extend my lead! There's 21 Grey Knights hanging about in the bottom left and I don't really want to go toe to toe with them though Mephy could probably drop the Strike squad by himself (no Hammer remember). Everything moves away from this area then except the Immobilised Predator. Mephy + ASM + Flamerback move up to the top left objective whilst the mobile Predator flees to the corner and pops smoke. The ASM on the objective on the right hop into RBack with the other ASM + Attack Bike moving up into melta range of the Land Raider (the final squad of ASM trudges it along on foot).

Shooting sees the Dreadnought stun the Rhino and the Land Raider shaken and that's it! Still 5-4 KP to BA though there's a free KP for the GK sitting in the Pred.

Grey Knight Turn 5

Fortitude goes off for the Rhino but not for the Land Raider...woops. The Rhino high tails it to the central objective with the Strikes + Purifiers moving up to stare down the Predator. They try to shoot it to death but fail to do so but kill it in assault. This gains movement for the Purifiers but not for the Strikes. The Land Raider fails to do any significant damage with PotMS.

5-5 KP tie.

Blood Angel Turn 5

The Attack Bike hides to ensure no free KP with the two ASM squads on the right bringing four melta to bear (three in double range). Mephy + RBack + ASM on the left keep moving away from the Purifiers + Strikes whilst the Predator keeps in the corner to peg them with a couple damage.

Dreadnought immobilises the Rhino in the centre with the ACLC Pred dropping three Strike squad guys. The double tap meltas fail on the Land Raider but the 6" range pistol glances and wrecks it. Not bad pistol man.

KP 6-5 to BA.

Grey Knight Turn 6

Game goes on, drawn on primary atm but secondary is well in hand for me. Strike + Purifiers move up on the left following my faster guys and shoot at the exposed ASM squad. Total deaths from two psycannons and twelve stormbolters: one. Ouch. Rhino tries to repair but fails.

KP 6-5 to BA.

Blood Angels Turn 6

The ASM squad on the left keeps working itself over to the RBackon the objective to hide with the ASM + Flamerback on the right moving towards the centre to deal with the Rhino there. Mephy also moves centrally but doesn't cast wings the silly vampire. Regardless, the Dread is able to destroy the Rhino with the left Pred taking a few more Strike squad dudes down.

KP 7-5 BA.

Grey Knights Turn 7

Gary desperately tries to get a couple more KP so the Strike Squad brings its psycannons to bear on the Pred with the Purifiers leveling their Stormbolters at the weakened ASM squad. The Psycannons stun the Pred and the Purifiers finally do serious damage and drop two Marines. We call the game there with a win for me on both secondary and primary.


Gary lost out quickly with losing his Stormraven - it really needed that flat out save and really it could have pushed up much closer to me. Without searchlights, nightfight, and relative immunity to melta, it was unlikely I was going to drop the Stormraven and having 10 Purifiers + GM in my face Turn 2 would have been a whole different ballgame. Spreading his army out all over the place didn't help either - the Land Raider was unprotected and the Dreadnought and Dreadknight, whilst doing some damage when they came in, were at opposite ends of the table from everything. It got him some easy KP but it also allowed me to focus fire on tougher targets without fear ofmuch retaliation and get those KP back.

Regardless, was a fun game - Gary is aproper Scotsman unlike our resident Archnomad :P and it was good to interact with Gary across a gaming table compared to TO/player. That one mistake with the Stormraven cost him which could have made it a completely different game...

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