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Friday, June 1, 2012

House of Paincakes Idol

Lauby has asked me to plug his little competition and being the nice person I am, I acquiesced. So behold, HOP Idol - season 2.

With the recent, and most likely (and most hopefully) temporary departure of GMort due to the powers of that bitch IRL, we at the HoP have decided to go ahead on a planned resurrection of the HoP Idol contest. We've upped our timeline on this a wee bit, but are happy to get right into the swing of things again after last year's wildly successful outing. As an added spoiler, we may be adding an author or two prior to the contest getting under way, but we'll keep you abreast of that situation as it develops.

For those that missed it last time around, this will be a singing writing competition aimed at finding a new author to give a permanent weekly series to on the HoP. Weekly/Bi-weekly challenges will be assigned and our readership will vote on who stays in the competition as we eliminate prospects before the big final finale.

Rumors that this year's contest would be patterned off of the highly superior NBC singing contest The Voice have proved false- those fancy ass spinning chairs are expensive as hell.... just ask Gary Numan. More specific details about the contest format this time around will be made available as we make them up. We're going to be pulling out all the stops on this one, but want to wait and see how many applicants we get this time around before we decide how to proceed. This year you can all expect bigger and better challenges and a host of twists- although the twist could be that there are no twists... guess you'll just have to wait and see.

Instructions for entering the contest are after the jump.
So you're interested in writing for the HoP, eh? Well good because we're a pretty great group of people and clearly know how to have a good time on the interwebs.

All applicants are welcome regardless of age, sex, favorite game system, nationality, native language, etc. Entrance into the contest is simple if you follow the steps below. If you don't follow the steps below, we'll probably have to publicly ridicule your ineptitude. Here are those steps (don't forget to follow them):

  1. Write an article of up to 500 words that you think clearly represents your style and viewpoint. There are no restrictions on topic, so feel free to send us a news report, battle report, tactics article, painting/modeling tutorial, or whatevs. All we care about is that it is about tabletop gaming/ roleplaying and that it's short enough that we can quickly read them and potentially publish them quickly.
  2. Do not publish the article created for step 1 on your own blog. All content for the HoP Idol contest is to be considered exclusive to the HoP without written permission. We will link every article back to your blog (if you have one) every time we publish and you're welcome to link to the articles on the HoP.
  3. Send your article to . Make sure that the subject line includes "HoP Idol entry."
  4. The article may be attached as a word or text document in html format or embedded into the body of an e-mail. You may include up to one picture in your article which must be either attached to your e-mail or otherwise embedded in your article.
  5. The deadline for submitting your article is Thursday June 7. We will beginning announcing contestants shortly thereafter.
  6. Questions can be sent to

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