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Monday, June 4, 2012

New Commission Painter

Another commission painter has joined our ranks - welcome Ultraraider.

Heya guys Ultraraider here. You may remember me as Mike Moore, im the guy who won best painted for my blood Angels army at the Bay Area Open in 2011. I'm writing to let you know I'm the newest commission painter for 3++! My Blog can be found at  . I specialize in competitive level painting, basically Eavy Metal and above quality combined with a great work ethic to complete projects to a superior standard in a timely and informed manner. I don't do tiers unfortunately - it's too hard for me too below my standard I feel. I consider myself one of those painters for centerpiece models, special characters etc, etc. Rates are easy and as follows - 

  • Monstrous creatures are 250.00
  • Special characters 150.00
  • Vehicles are 100.00 
  • Land Raider & FW sized vehicles are 250.00
  • everything else its the base points cost in your codex converted to dollars (eg: landraider 250pts = 250.00) 
All my commission work, and WIP of such, can be found on my blog and you can check out my youtube page here as well (Kirby has put up some pictures below). I feel it's important to keep communication open with customers and that they can see their models being worked upon.

So if you are interested give me a contact at my email ( this will be up on the 3++ painting page as well. Just let me know you've come from 3++! 

And now, some sample work.

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