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Monday, June 4, 2012

Email in: Blood Angels 1500

"Hey Kirby,

just looking for a little bit of advice with my BA 1500pts list. Currently I seem to be doing a hell of a lot of drawing, but not much winning with this list, would appreciate if you could lend me a hand! The list is:


Sang priest w/ combi melta

5 x ASM, Melta, Power weapon, razor, TL-HF, dozer

5 x ASM, Melta, Power fist, razor, TL-HF, dozer

5 x ASM, Land Raider

3 x MM attack bikes


2 x AutoLas

General battle plan is the vindi goes in reserve and comes on turn 2-3 when it has something to shoot at, Land raider is a big bunker I can hide my razors behind for early turns, allowing me to essentially AV13 & AV14 wall stuff.



The list is solid but needs some tweaks.

Firstly, the Razors aren't taking advantage of the Land Raider hull as much as you could - make them ranged. This also makes the Vindicator much more useful as you don't have models moving forward which you could accidentally hit. Mephiston obviously can still suffer from this but he should be maintained within part of the army rather than running around solo (except in certain situations). 

To freeup the points for the LasPlas on the RBacks drop the PFist to a power weapon, the combi-melta on the Priest and one of the Attack Bikes - you can either split them up or keep them in a single squad. It's all then about managing your scoring - 15 T4/3+/FNP bodies at 1500 is quite light even if they are in transports (one being AV14). If you find you are continuously drawing because you don't have enough scoring potential or run out of Troops, replace the Vindicator with another ASM + RBack combination. You can also forego the Priest or Power Weapons since you're mainly about shooting and holding midfield here but obviously this limits the list in how it can be applied.

Oh and add an MM to the Land Raider.

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