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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Privateer Press Summer Deals (Warmachine)

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, Whitestar333 here with a different sort of article for you today.  For those unaware, while Games Workshop is raising prices on 200+ items, Privateer Press is offering special 25 point deals on products through their online store.  Unlike the GW online store, you usually cannot purchase models through the Privateer Press store and so when these items do come up, they are often at a pretty nice discount.  Kirby asked me to do a quick review of them for all of you who've been interested so that's what I'll do.  I'll be rating these on a 1-5 scale on Longevity (how often you'll use the models in the deal), in a similar style to when I rated the Battlegroup boxes on my own blog, but I'll also rate these based on the Power of the 25 point list in the deal.  Since each of these deals has a savings of about 25%, you at least know that you're getting a pretty good deal here.  There are packages for Warmachine and Hordes factions but instead of having you wait for both at once, I decided to write them separately.  Naturally, let's start with Warmachine first!


Cygnar Battlebox (plastic)
o Warcaster Commander Coleman Stryker
o Ironclad Heavy Warjack
o Lancer Light Warjack
o Charger Light Warjack
Stormguard (full unit)
Archduke Runewood
and a free copy of the Prime MKII rulebook!
$130.45 vs. $174.93 retail - %25.4 savings

Longevity: (3/5) - I don't really think that the Cygnar plastic battlegroup is all that great in the first place but at least the warjacks you get give you some flexibility in planning for other Cygnar warcasters in the future.  Unfortunately, you'll rarely use all of the battlegroup warjacks together again.  Stormguard are a great unit but are often overlooked for Stormblades, but they're a solid unit.  Runewood is a curious addition but is also a pretty solid model to use in the future, especially since you'll probably want to pick up Sword Knights at some point anyway.  Lastly, the Squire is one of the best warcaster attachments out there and will see a lot of use no matter what list you use.

Power: (4/5) - I actually think that this hodge-podge 25 point list could be quite effective.  All of the models will highly benefit from Stryker's feat and he has a wide variety of spells to throw out onto the models out there.  Arcane Shield on the Stormguard will be quite funny on his feat turn as you're throwing ARM 23 infantry into your opponent's face and laughing at them.  Runewood will make sure that the Stormguard are able to get to their target, even if rough terrain is in the way, and everyone can benefit from the Squire.  I think there's enough to make this 25 point army fun and flavorful.

Khador Battlebox (plastic)
o Warcaster Kommander Sorscha
o Destroyer Heavy Warjack
o Juggernaut Heavy Warjack
Winter Guard Infantry UA
Winter Guard Infantry (full unit)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich
and a free copy of the Prime MKII rulebook!
$125.94 vs. $169.92 retail - %25.9 savings

Longevity: (5/5) - This is a very solid list of models for Khador.  Every Khador player's first purchase should be these exact models with the addition of perhaps a War Dog.  I really don't have much else to say.

Power: (4/5) - Why not a 5?  Winterguard Infantry are awesome, but everyone knows about and plans for the Winter Guard Death Star whenever they're building a list, and at 25 points they'll often have something to deal with your models.  They'll still be great and you should still take them, but I don't think they'll synergize as well with pSorscha as they might elsewhere.  If you pick up eSorscha, however, I think you'll find the power level of this 25 point list to be a bit better as she makes the Winter Guard much better in a lot of ways.

Protectorate of Menoth
Protectorate of Menoth Battlebox (plastic)
o Warcaster High Exemplar Kreoss
o Crusader Heavy Warjack
o Revenger Light Warjack
o Repenter Light Warjack
Choir of Menoth
Bastions (plastic)
Vassal Mechanik
Vassal of Menoth
and a free copy of the Prime MKII rulebook!
128.66 vs. $172.94 retail - %25.6 savings

Longevity: (2/5) - I'm going to be pretty harsh here.  While Choir and the Vassal of Menoth are great models that should be in almost every Menoth list, they really are the only models in this deal that you'll use on a regular basis with other Menoth warcasters.  Bastions are pretty solid too, I might add, but even then they are not necessary in most lists.

Power: (3/5) - Despite my harsh criticisms on the longevity of the models, I think this list will put up a reasonable fight.  The 'Pop-n-Drop' technique is a tried-and-true one and Bastions will love Defender's Ward to keep them threatening and obnoxious.  That said, even with Choir and a Vassal, there are really too many warjacks for Kreoss to run them well, and all of the jacks are very inefficient.  The Mekanik will help keep that Crusader running for longer, but unfortunately the Crusader isn't enough to justify this 25 point list being all that great.

Cryx Battlebox (plastic)
o Warcaster Warwitch Deneghra
o Slayer Helljack
o 2 Deathripper Bonejacks
o Defiler Bonejack
Mechanithralls (full unit)
Necrosurgeon and Stich Thralls
Warwitch Siren
and a free copy of the Prime MKII rulebook!
$118.74 vs. $161.92 retail - %26.7 savings

Longevity: (5/5) - *sigh* I hate to admit it, but this is a pretty awesome deal.  I hate Cryx - I really do - but all of the models in this deal will see regular inclusion in other lists.  Mechanithralls are your staple cheap-but-effective Cryx infantry unit and the Necrosurgeon is practically a unit attachment for them.  Steampunk zombies are pretty great and they're found with pretty much any Cryx warcaster.  On top of that, the Warwitch Siren is amazing for getting the most out of warjacks and even if there are no warjacks around, she sports Venom and can even hold her own in melee.  Lastly, every Cryx player should own a Skarlock.  All of that plus the reasonable models you get in the battelbox and I'd have to say this is an awesome deal!

Power: (5/5) - *SIGH* I really hate Cryx.  Yes, this 25 point list is probably the best of the bunch.  Everything works together really well and with Deneghra having such an awesome feat and spell list, she makes Mechanithralls go from annoying to frightening and capable of wrecking heavies.  The fact that the necrosurgeon can bring them back is even more frightening.  If you're interested in Cryx, get this deal.

Magnus the Traitor
Steelhead Rifleman Unit
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
and a free copy of the Prime MKII rulebook!
$118.75 vs. $161.93 retail - %26.7 savings

Longevity: (1/5) - It's too bad that the Mercenaries don't have a plastic box but this is your best bet of getting that equivalent.  The rating here might seem a bit harsh but that's in the scope of the entire Mercenary faction.  Magnus fits into only a couple of contracts and Renegades can only be taken with him, so you're already looking at a fairly limited scope for using these models in other Mercenary lists.  Rhupert is great in most lists anyway (even in other factions) and Riflemen are okay, but if you're looking to get into Mercs, this is a very narrow 25 point list and you'll rarely use any of these models with other warcasters in such a broad faction.

Power: (4/5) - While these models won't be used much outside of this list, I think the list itself is quite solid.  Magnus is a surprisingly awesome warcaster and Renegates are really awesome warjacks if you wait until the right moment to launch their Obliterator rockets!  A full unit of Steelhead Riflemen can be devastating at 25 points as they can deal with a large variety of targets from infantry to heavies.  Even the Mangler feels quite at home here, capable of dealing with warjacks or swiping away at infantry with its Thresher.  I think you'll have a lot of fun and success with this 25 point list.

Vyre Jack Kit (Banshee)
Standard Heavy Jack Kit (Phoenix)
Magehunter box
Magehunter UA
Magehunter Assassin
and a free copy of the Prime MKII rulebook!
$119.65 vs. $162.93 retail - %26.6 savings

Longevity: (5/5) - This package has a lot of great things going for it.  First of all, the two warjacks you get are both very solid and will find their way into a variety of lists.  While you'll rarely want both in the same list, either of them will fit into a large variety of Retribution lists and you'll definitely use them again.  Next, not only do you get the Magehunters - which are one of the best ranged units in the game right now - but you also get their UA.  Lastly, top it off with everyone's most-hated Magehunter Assassin and you're good to go.  Retribution is already a small faction so there's a lot of overlap, but these are the models in a narrow range that see the most play and that's good for you.

Power: (3/5) - I honestly don't see this list knocking around too many other 25 point lists.  Yes, the components are pretty awesome, but I don't think that Kaelyssa brings it all together as well as you might think.  While this package definitely has more of a theme than the others ("KILL THE MAGE!"), I think playing against anything outside of that narrow scope will prove to be quite challenging.  Retribution is already a finesse faction as it is, and this list doesn't help.  That's not to say it can't do well, but I think for a newer player they will find it difficult to gain traction quickly.

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