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Monday, June 4, 2012

Blood Angels Codex Review: 'Till 6th Comes Around...

Good day Ladies (all zero of you) and Gentlemen,

So, as I sure you have noticed, there have not been any new BA Codex Review entries for some time. As you can probably guess, that is due to 6th ed being just around the corner - it would be a waste of time to do in-depth analysis on the remaining units only for that analysis to become invalid with changes brought on by the new edition of 40k. Ergo, I'm going to do a quick conclusion here and will endeavour to continue the series properly once I have understood the implications of the 6th ed changes on our beloved Bloods. I also intend to update the entries for those units that I have already reviewed, as they will most likely be affected as well (for example: if power weapons count as AP3, as some sources have suggested, this will obviously have a big impact on Sanguinary Guards).

Ok, here we go:

Land Raiders (all 3 variants): Overcosted and too vulnerable to melta. If you MUST use one, go for the Crusader.
Vanguard Veterans: Jump packs cost too much. Can be useful in a pure DoA list, but otherwise, take a pass.
Land Speeders: Good unit, but difficult to overlook the fact that Attack Bikes get to take advantage of Feel No Pain. I use those primarily in the Typhoon configuration. Hide them behind autolas preds to get a 4+ cover save will still firing to full effect. Otherwise, a good choice, just somewhat overshadowed by Attack Bikes.
Baal Predator: Overcosted to a certain extent. Still, the fact that it's not a Heavy Support choice opens up some possibilities. Not a first tier choice, but useable.

Attack Bikes: Excellent, especially when in range of a Priest. Highly recommend them.

Bike Squad: See Blood Rodeo.

Scout Bike Squad: Awful. 

Dreadnought: Rifledread is still a good unit, but autolas preds give them a lot of tough competition. I'd say go for the Preds in most circumstances, but if you like Dreads better, you aren't making a bad choice.

Stormraven Gunship: Overcosted and too fragile. We'll see what 6th ed does for it.

Predator: Excellent in autolas configuration. If you're lacking in anti-infantry firepower, the good old Dakkapred is still as reliable as ever.

Devastator Squad: Another good choice, especially for Jump lists. 5 men, 4 missiles - industry standard.

Vindicator: Helped by being Fast, still crap due to all other one-gun tank issues.

Whirlwind: Maybe in 6th this will be our anti-aircraft vehicle? In the meantime, don't bother.

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