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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Event Horizon Day 2 Recap

So haters gonna be hatin but our beloved Mr Kirby went 6-0 with his Blood Angels to win the tourney :) Little bit of unintentional slow-playing in the last game but its all good in the hood ^^ He was very 'rainman' and focused while playing and whilst he didn't have loads of experience with the BAs, he was able to go undefeated through the tourney anyway. Jimmy (AKA The Wizard) came 2nd with his daemons which shows that most of the time, experience with the army (mostly regardless of what army) counts for a lot more than just bringing a list that you've seen on the net but don't have the experience with... I (Vince) has a good comeback with my Orkies Day 2 going 3-0 (for overall 3-3 after a poor first day). Unfortunately the Orks were showing their age and GW neglect a fair bit, especially against newer stuff like SW and GK and the older, harder matchup stuff like Deathwing. Jason C finished 4-2 with his IG which was a good showing too :D Anyway, that's the prelim update after the tourney, Kirby will do a fuller recap of events soon. As always, Denis ran a great tourney and a huge thanks for that (as well as helpers like David, techs like Russell and both paint judgers Kyle and Luke). It was good to have a last hurrah at the death of 5th ed, I will miss your stinging barbed whips of fearless boyz squads exploding, needing 6s to hit tanks with clawz and other Ork related matters :)

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