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Monday, June 18, 2012

Warmachine Battle Reports - pSevvy v eHaley & pIrusk

Note: I haven't added editted pictures (just uneditted ones) here sorry, hopefully the text covers what is happening but my computer is having a fun time being...well not working nicely :P. Worry not, future battle reports will indeed have the editted pictures!

Two seperate games in this battle report but since none of my opponent's models were even undercoated, they get shoved into one post. We like pretty things (says the man with the half painted army). Both games we finally ran some scenarios (the one with the 8" bar through the middle) - nothing major but another win condition is nice.

First was against Jason with eHaley and a Jack heavy force. Something like:

Jounrneyman Warcaster
Min Gunmag
Gunmage Solo

I was running my current pSevvy list:

Min Errants + UA
Min TFG + UA
Min Choir


Cygnar spreads out with eHaley & her kicking buddy (the squire) hiding behind a building in the back. Gunmages behind the forest on the left with Defender, Thorn and Charger spread out across the deployment line and the Journeyman behind the forest on the right. Hunter ADs on the right as well (attached to Journeyman).

Three tiered deployment for Menoth with Errants advanced deployed in the front and off to the right. Blessing, Reckoner & Vanquisher deploy on frontline with TFG between them. Support + pSevvy behind and the Wracks in their usual triangle.

Cygnar Turn 1

All the Warjacks run up except the Hunter (who only advances) with eHaley hiding behind her building and casting Deceleration (increased DEF in control area) and Temporal Acceleration on the Hunter (extra shots). The Hunter then blasts at the Errants but does minimal damage on the Leader. Journeyman fiddles around behind forest and casts Arcane Shield on Hunter with the Gun Mages slinking around in the woods on the left.

Menoth Turn 1

Blessing & Vanquisher run up with pSevvy casting Eye of Menoth & Defender's Ward on the Errants. Reckoner charges the Defender in an attempt to slam it with some shells but is just out of range so the Vassal moves up and casts Enliven. The Choir follows up with Passage to stop the shooting from a force made up of nothing but shooting. The TFG run on the left and set up behind the linear obstacle there and pop their mini-feat for +4ARM. The Errants advance on the right, also behind the obstacle, and shoot some Blessed crossbows into the Hunter but fail to hit.

Cygnar Turn 2

Journeyman upkeeps Arcane Shield and the Jacks + Gun Mages advance a little bit (Jacks in centre all behind wall) with the Gun Mage solo hiding behind the Defender & Thorn. eHaley casts Deceleration again and TA on the Hunter who again cannot bring down any Errants. The Gun Mages + Defender are able to drop two of the TFG between them and stay out of charge range next turn.

Menoth Turn 2

Boring game isn't it! pSevvy upkeeps both Eye & DW and gives a focus to BoV and two to Reckoner. The Reckoner moves laterally behind the fence and tries to blast the Hunter so the Errants have an easier time of it and critically hits - minimal damage despite boost. The Vanquisher advances up the middle and puts a big flaming AOE on Thorn, the Defender & Gun Mage solo but only does superficial damage (and lights them all on fire). The TFG run along the fence with their standard throwing himself forward to play tickles with the Gun Mages. BoV runs up behind him and pSevvy sucks a focus from a Wrack and launches an Ashes to Ashes onto the TFG and bounces it into the Gun Mages, killing three. The Errants try their luck again on the Hunter and do some damage but no systems disabled.

The Vassal casts Enliven on BoV (before it runs away) and Choir casts Passage again (before the Jacks move away).

Cgynar Turn 3

Scenario win is activated.

Arcane Shield is dropped and eHaley comes out to play (through Thorn). Fire goes out on the Defender and Thorn but only does minimal damage on Gun Mage solo + Hunter. Gun Mages plink at BoV who runs away with Enliven (out of shooting range) and they fail to damage TFG. Defender tries on the TFG as well but fails but moves into midfield. eHaley casts "I control your Warjack" and turns the Vanquisher around and swings at the Reckoner who takes a couple points of damage. Thorn then gets TK'd and charges the Vanquisher, takes down its cortex and does decent damage - other systems are all operational though. Thorn casts imprint.

Charger & Hunter advance out from behind wall and peg Errants but again fail to kill any (gogo 16/18).

Menoth Turn 3

Because scenario win was activated, Jason moved all of his Warjacks into the middle of the field forcing me to kill them all if I wanted to have a chance at that win. Not going to happen so I need to pick my targets here and take advantage of his over-exposure and attrition him down.

Eye + DW are upkept, 3 focus to Reckoner. Choir moves up and casts Battle Hymm on the Warjacks. pSevvy moves away from the centre and casts Ashes through BoV into the Defender which bounces to kill the Gun Mage solo and two of the Gun Mages (leaving one alive) - no damage to Defender. Reckoner then walks over wall and smacks Thorn twice with his club (double boosted) to ensure his cortex stays alive. BoV wanders in and finishes Thorn off. The Errants charge both the light Cygnar Warjacks and thanks to weaponmaster obliterate the Hunter and leave the Charger with only a couple boxes left (and only his gun arm operational).

The Vassal moves to protect pSevvy and the TFG run to engage the lone Gun Mage and protect my Warjacks from the Defender. This was a big mistake and a hold-over from 40k - protect the majority of the army rather than the caster. I had a clear and obvious advantage at this point - my army had basically lost nothing whilst the Cygnar army consisted of barely anything and I wanted to protect that advantage rather than my caster. Instead, I should have moved my TFG to the point where the Defender either couldn't shoot pSevvy at all (i.e. surround him) or couldn't moved towards him (even with TK or trample).

Cygnar Turn 4

Pretty simple at this point. eHaley gives a nice amount of focus to the Defender and casts TA + TK on him to get him perfect positioning to shoot pSevvy twice in the face. Boost damage on both and one dead pSevvy.

Conclusion -

eHaley's a chicken shit =D. I felt the Cygnar list brought was pretty lacklusture and that showed in how I readily dismantled it with my infantry and since it was all shooting, my Warjacks were impervious except up close. This was partly model restriction based so hopefully a better challenge next time. That being said, it taught me a lot, and it's something I keep repeating in games these days - protect the caster. If the enemy puts me in a situation where it's other stuff or the caster, pick the other stuff to get hit, regardless of what it is unless your caster is pButch on full focus camp, etc.

This wasn't really a case of eHaley beating me through the unknown - I knew she had TK + TA and had seen her use them already, I was just more focused on the battlefield as a whole rather than the key piece. Simply a different move for the TFG would have prevented this and I would have won later in the game (more than likely) due to having a superior force on the tabletop.

Anyway, GG jason and lesson well learned!

Second game now against Vince - pSevvy v pIrusk

Same scenario, same pSevvy list. pIrusk was something along the lines of:

min WGI + UA. three rockets
Kovnik Joe
full Kazay + Underboss
Great Bears

Vince won roll-off and elected to go first.


Vince deployed in the top part of the board around the central building - Assassins + Spriggan on the right, WGI + Great Bears on the left with Irusk hiding behind the building and chilling with Gorman. eEyriss in the forest on the right.

I deployed mostly on the right flank behind the forest with the Errants AD'd in front of it. Reckoner on the left of the forest (middle of board), Vanquisher and BoV on the right with the TFG further out that way and the support + pSevvy behind the forest.

Khador Turn 1

Assassins run up like crazy people with the Underboss hanging back. WGI do the same on their side of the board but at a much slower rate and a bit more bunched up since I deployed diagonally from them. Great Bears & Spriggan run into the centre of the board whilst pIrusk chills at the back with Gorman. He gives Assassins Iron Flesh and Spriggan superiority. We both forget about eEyriss in the forest.

Menoth Turn 1

Each Warjack gets one focus to run up (the Reckoner tries an assault shot on the Spriggan but falls short) with the Errants advancing up behind the wall and getting Defender's Ward. The TFG advance up the right in shield wall formation and the vassal forces the Vanquisher to lob a ball of fire which kills two assassins. Choir activiated poorly so only gets to cast Passage on the Reckoner and pSevvy sucks a focus to cast Eye of Menoth.

Khador Turn 2

Both spells are upkept and the Assassins run into combat with my front line - four engaged with the TFG on the right, three with the Errants on the left. eEyriss runs with them to get within 5" of my Warjacks. The Winterguard move up and lob some rockets at the Errants but fail to kill anything. Spriggan walks into the middle of the table with the Great Bears running to join him. pIrusk advances and casts inhospitable ground with Gorman walking up and chucking a smoke bomb on top of them.

pIrusk feats.

Menoth Turn 2

No damage dealt to me but there are a bunch of DEF19 evil boys in my lines currently - I need to clear them and prepare for the second wave of Spriggan + Great Bears. Both spells are upkept and the Reckoner gets two focus. The Choir moves up to cast Battle Hymm on the Warjacks.

The vanquisher backs away to allow for a little bit more deviation for his fire bomb and shoots at one of the Great Bears. It scatters to kill one assassin, the underboss (yessss!) and sets one of the Bears on fire. The TFG then wander around to get some CMA on eEyriss and on a assassin - they drop eEyriss but fail to break the high DEF of the assassin despite CMA + EoM advantages. With the BoV now free of eEyriss disruption effects, pSevvy arcs Ashes through him onto a TFG which bounces along several Assassins - most of which pass their tough save *mutter* - in the end only one dies.

The Errants then move around as much as possible so they can shoot with their Blessed crossbows - those in combat use their swords. The end result is three extra dead Assassins with a net result of four left. The Reckoner advances into combat range with a Great Bear and smacks him twice with the club - enough that he fails his Tough test. The Vassal then advances and casts Enliven on the Reckoner.

So, my lines had been cleared quite a bit though a few assassins existed to give me bother - silly Feat! There were also some Great Bears and a fully health Spriggan waiting...

Khador Turn 3

Scenario win activated.

Iron Flesh is dropped, Superiority maintained, Spriggan gets three focus. The Assassins move around as much as possible to try and get into my backfield and combined with the Great Bears, drop half the Errants, a TFG and two choir boys. The Winterguard move up to add their fire (they get bob & weave + boosted attack rolls) against the Errants but failed to kill any but drop the Vassal. One shoots at the the Reckoner as well to activate Enliven who runs away but the Spriggan with Superiority on manages to catch him and disables his melee weapon.

pIrusk and Gorman moved towards the middle of the field with Gorman chucking another smoke bomb and pIrusk casting inhospitable ground.

Menoth Turn 3

DW & EoM upkept, Reckoner gets three focus. The TFG + BoV on the right flank clear out the Assassins there and the Great Bears whilst the Errants get the remaining Assassins in my backfield whilst ensuring several of them are still in the scenario area. The Choir move up and cast Battle Hymm and the Vanquisher lobs a fiery shell at the WGI and takes down three but fails to catch pIrusk. The Reckoner then moves around Spriggan to assault shoot pIrsuk but despite boosting fails and his activation ends.

pSevvy then moves up just a wee bit to pop his Feat.

So here I really think I did the wrong thing - I felt like I needed to get into pIrusk's grill somewhat with the Reckoner and Feat because with the Reckoner's combat arm screwed, I felt I didn't have the power to drop the Spriggan (I always seem to forget the Vanquisher does have a decent P+S). Rather I should have probably have pulled the Reckoner back to block further lanes to pSevvy and then smacked the Spriggan with the Vanquisher, limited Reckoner and the remaining Errants and then used the TFG + BoV later on to engage the WGI & pIrusk.

Khador Turn 4

All upkeeps fall as there is no focus to give out. Gorman moves up and throws a blind bomb thing hitting an Errant and the Vanquisher. pIrusk follows Gorman with a handcannon shot which does nothing. The WGI move up as well to launch as many sprays and rockets at the Errants & Choir boy in front of pSevvy and manage to drop them all. The Spriggan walks into pSevvy and pokes him with a big stick but fails to kill him.

Menoth Turn 4

With pSevvy clinging to life, it's a now or nothing approach and since pIrusk moved forwards when he really didn't need to, I need to jump all over him. The Reckoner gets just one focus with both upkeeps dropped. The Reckoner moves up and boosts to hit pIrusk which sets him on fire and lowers his DEF. Vanquisher drops a shell on the WGI which flies off hitting no one and then BoV advances up the right side to double Arc Ashes to Ashes. The Errants and TFG move to be pre-bounce targets and we see most of the WGI get fried but pIrusk stays alive with a handful of boxes.

Khador Turn 5

Fire doesn't go out but pIrusk takes no damage. Spriggan kills pSevvy.


Vince did a very good job of jamming me early in the game with his insanely high DEF assassins and that caused me no end of grief - it kept me on the back foot for the scenario but since the majority of my force was far away from his WGI, I wasn't really in too much danger of being pushed off it. It did limit my ability to get to the WGI though and by admitting to myself there was no real way I could deal with the Spriggan, I over-extended myself which ultimately cost me the game despite Vince giving me another bite at the apple.

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