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Saturday, June 30, 2012

What you need to know about list building in 6th editionno

Hi gals, girls, and those of you somewhere  in the middle.

I have had the book for a few days now, and have had a fair chance to absorb it.
Do I know it perfectly? Hell No! :-)

I'm not, and never claimed to be, a 40k virtuoso.

So moving on. Whats the requirements for 40k lists now? (of course things outside this list work, this is the perfect storm of items).

1. Troops that can survive in and out of transports.
No longer can your marines assault from rhinos, nor can your banshees. You better enjoy getting shot for a turn, so you want to be tough, in numbers or have FNP

2. Fast gun tanks.
Fast vehicles can now shoot 2 guns at BS, and te rst at BS1 when moving 6. Also bring some pintle mounted storm bolters as weapon destroyed is randomised. Flyers shoot 4 at BS, so they also count.

3.  Fast assault troops.
With hammer of wrath, and fleet letting you reroll charge ranges, getting stuck in works well. Saying this, full CC armies arent going to work in 6th either... you just cant get across the table.

4. AA fire.
Self explanatory in the edition that added flyers.

5. A CC HQ.
Challenges. Your CC lord can be killy or tough, either is fine, butyou want to be challenging in CC and pulling sargeants off your squad if possible, and vice versa, pulling killy hqs onto your sacrificial sarges.

6. AP2 or some way to deal with terminators
Power Weapons are no longer the answer, so expect them to nail you if you don't have an answer. AP2 guns will be fashiomable again with the +1 damage table roll, but killing them is still problematic.

More to come from the fester files ... once i work out how to shoehorn these specs into a list!
Other authors willno doubt explain rules in details, I will be trying to dig out combos, and in all honesty, I've been disappointed with how many I've found - none so far!

Time for me to roll dice and experiment before calling this edition awesome though!

I wish you many 6's, just not when playing against me :)

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