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Friday, July 13, 2012

3++ Nerdcast: Episode 2 - 6th edition Allies & Power weapons

So this week we talk about...stuff. The main points of contact here were Allies (~8:00) & Power Weapons (~23:00) though there is a lot of tangental stuff chucked in there as well I'm afraid! Allies are looked at in why they should be brought as well as some of the best armies in which to take allies from. Power weapon types are looked at with a few specific units picked out and discussed. We also look at tournaments, specifically the North American tournament (~3:00) circuit and how the new edition and popoular opinion could affect this over the coming months. There's some fortification discussion in there as well!

Edit: New one to listen to below - hosted on DivShare and levelled the volumes so my voice isn't so overwhelming compared to the others (it's louder at beginning but levels out quickly). Direct download is here though not sure if you need an account. Please let me know if you do so we can work something else out for later episodes.

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