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Saturday, July 7, 2012

3++ Nerdcast - Feedback

So we sprung the Nerdcast on you the other day. It was a spontaneous decision the day before basically to just record our chats and add a little bit of structure. So let's add more structure now. First off, the response was amazing with a couple thousand downloads (estimated). I think we would have been happy to break 1000 so this will certainly inspire more to follow! To business...

We got a little bit of feedback from the actual post itself but we're looking for more here. The style of conversation we are going for is a little bit unstructured - we don't to be reading from a script but rather playing it out like a sort of conference call with agendas. I think we veered a little off topic last time but if we kept more to the core principles we start out with, did you guys like such a system?

  1. Beyond that, what do you want us to discuss? Obviously there are a TON of things to cover with 6th edition, I feel like I've got a general handle on the rules now in that I'm not needing to check my rulebook 24/7 but there's still lots of expertise to be gained on the table. Obviously our main aim is as ever to go back to the 3++ goals and improve list building and game play but if there are specific rules or other things you'd like discussed, hit us with suggestions and we can try to accommodate as many as possible.
  2. Would you prefer to stick to one topic for an entire episode or do multiple topics? If multiple topics how many and how related?
  3. Was the timing good? I felt 45 minutes was a decent time in that it didn't take a huge amount out of your day to listen to and wasn't long enough to lose your interest. That being said I think we could do 30 minutes rather reasonably.
  4. Formatting - this is stuff I'm not really familiar with, I learn most technological things through trial, error and random clicking so you're lucky this even got put together! What technical things would you like changed (I think there was sound modding, and putting on iTunes already suggested, what else, etc.?) and if you want them, can you walk me through them (obviously the quicker the better!).
  5. How regularly do you want these? With 6th edition being new and all I think we'll aim for them to be weekly and the authors who are involved will likely change weekly - don't expect me to be in every single one for example (though whom can I get to actually organise such conversations otherwise...?)! As 6th edition settles down though what would be your target rate of release? Bi-weekly? Monthly? I'd also try to make it a set day (i.e. every Monday of every other week) so you can look forward to it and plan your listening time.
  6. In addition to this, the idea was floated by Biscuit we use these talking posts as a sort of summary and further in-depth look at a codex review we've done. Depending how in-depth we'd go would depend if it was broken down into parts but would these be of interest to you? What about other talking posts such as tournament recaps? I know the feedback was extremely positive for the video battle report which isn't always going to be feasible (it will cost me a couple hundred to setup a rig) but what about a pictorial battle report with a lump or individual mp3s (i.e. each turn) added in?
  7. Anything else?
Time for your input to make 3++ a little more what you want!

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