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Monday, July 9, 2012

6th Edition AAC (Actually Asked Questions)

When Games Workshop releases a list of Frequently Asked Questions, most of them are... not really "frequently asked." In fact, a lot of them are things that probably no one had ever considered before in their lives. The last six months or so have been better in that regard, but the FAQs are still often characterized by entries such as:

A: No, Termagants are not allowed to claim objectives while within Synapse range. The Hive Mind doesn't care about anything except feeding!

In light of this I've put together an list of questions that actual human beings might have about the rules of the game, specifically ones that are not answered by the current rules of the game or FAQs. (Obviously there are still a lot of misunderstood rules as well, but those don't need an FAQ, those just needa read through the rulebook.) If anyone else can come up with others, feel free to post them here; likewise, if you think one of these has a definitive answer- as opposed to a particular interpretation that doesn't have an absolute rules backing- feel free to argue it in the thread below.

If you have the option of swapping some of your psychic powers for ones from the BRB disciplines, is it an all-or-none choice or can you choose to keep some of your normal powers and take others from the alternate disciplines? The batrep in White Dwarf seems to allow the latter, but the text in other places implies the former (and WD often gets things straight-up wrong.)

If a flying monstrous creature is hit multiple times in a single shooting attack, does it make one grounding test or several? Probably answered, as the text says "one or more hits from a shooting attack." Does a creature that fails its grounding test stop counting as Swooping (and consequently get hit on normal BS)?

If one model in a challenge scores excess wounds beyond what are needed to kill his opponent, can the additional wounds "spill over" to that opponent's squad members?

Are all Unique models characters? Mephiston is used as an example of a character in the book, but he doesn't have the (character) line, isn't noted as one in the amendments page at the back of the book or FAQs and has no other particular notes. If so, does this include Unique walkers (like Bjorn) as well?

Is there anything preventing a psyker from using a witchfire power for Overwatch, providing he has sufficient Warp Charge? Does an "always hits" clause or the beam, nova, or maelstrom types on such a power prevent it from being used for that purpose?Resolved; witchfire powers can only be used during the owner's shooting phase.

Does Eternal Warrior allow you to take FNP rolls against Instant Death wounds, since you ignore the Instant Death rule?

If a vehicle is wrecked in the enemy turn, can its passengers assault in their owner's next assault phase? Does the vehicle having the Assault rule change this any?

What happens if a model Deep Strikes onto/within 1" of a neutral or friendly fortification/building? Does the presence of battlements affect this at all?Resolved; buildings are impassible except for battlements, which appear to count as open?

Can fortifications make Deny the Witch rolls? Is it necessary for them to be occupied in order to do so?

If a fortification you are in is charged, are your units occupying it allowed to make Overwatch shots against the assaulters in the same manner as an occupied transport?

Can a flyer in hover mode fire more than two missiles, or is the "two per turn" limitation part of the weapon (as opposed to the flyer rules)? Probably answered, since the Missile rules specifically mention Hover mode.

Can (Termagants, Grots, Guardsmen) charge a Chariot despite being unable to hurt it (but able to hurt its occupant)? What about a non-Immobilized Walker whose front armor they can't damage (but whose back armor they can)?

How many hull points do Bjorn the Fell-Handed and Sammael (when on his Speeder) have?

Can Scarabs reduce the armor value of a building with Entropic?

Do Haywire and Eldar D-weapons (D-Cannon, Wraithcannons, etc) affect fortifications in the same way they do vehicles?

If a unit is embarked on a transport that suffers a Stunned result, are they allowed to shoot once they disembark? That is to say, is the effect of the Stunned result applied to both units (transport and contents) once and then done, or is it a quality of being embarked on such a vehicle (and thus applies to whoever is inside, whether they were present for the damage result or not)?

What happens if you Dominate a vehicle unit? Vehicles have no Leadership, so does that mean it automatically fails every test and is unable to move, shoot, or assault?

What happens if a model with Feel No Pain suffers a wound from a Bonesword (or other effect that forces a test to avoid instant death)? Is the test taken first, to see whether using FNP is legal against that wound, or is FNP rolled first because the wound doesn't always cause instant death (and thus allows FNP)?

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