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Monday, July 2, 2012

6th edition - what do you want from 3++?

With 6th edition finally here, there is a TON of information to go through and whilst we can theoryhammer some excellent ideas, lots of games need to follow to see how they hold up. This process is going to take a long so whilst I'm sure everyone wants those codex reviews and Armies in 5th re-done with 6th edition in mind, they aren't going to happen overnight! We'll probably be doing some sort of article series around the initial impact of 6th edition on individual armies (based on theory) and otherwise I'll be trying to get as many battle reports up as I can, though it would be a small percentage of the games played.

Beyond this though, what are you looking for from 3++ during the beginning stages of 6th edition? There will obviously still be some articles about other systems but 6th edition is really going to take precedence due to its unknown nature currently. Hit us with ideas and demands and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

We'll being doing a site upgrade over the coming days, sssh it's a secret!, which includes fully integrating the forum we've been banging on about for a bit. With 6th edition comes a new and better looking 3++ hopefully so any input into the user interface is seriously welcome now as well!

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