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Sunday, July 1, 2012

6e: Wound allocation and how to break it.

Well we come to the big bugbear of 5th edition that our new ruleset has 'fixed', Wound Allocation.

We all know the fun and games of Nob Bikers and Paladin bricks, and needing to cause 127 wounds to kill a model, and aren't we all glad thats gone.

So how does it work now?
In a nutshell, all wounds are taken from front to back, removing whole models.

When you roll to wound,roll against the majority toughness of the squad.
Any wounds re then rolled as wound pools against the armor save of the closest model until they die, thenthr next closest, and so on.

A wound pool is described as wounds caused by weapons with different S,AP or special rules.

If you allocate a wound to a character (read as squad upgrade character such as a Nob, Justicar, Exarch etc), another model can be allocated the wound on a 4+, as long as the sucker, err, faithful squad mate, is within 6". This is called "Look out Sir!".

If hits are allocated to an IC in this manner, youcan reallocate on a 2+.

So, how do we break it?

IC goes closest to the enemy, rolls a 2+ to reallocate each shot out to individual models. Any that will instant kill stay on the IC who hopefully is Eternal Warriot orT5 or 6.

Now to add confusion: Paladins and Nobs are both Characters as per thr BRB and FAQs.
So you dont neccessarily need the IC to do this, but here's why Nobs make it broken.

Nob Bikers.
T5 for real now, so with FNP only lose FNP toS10 hits! Warbikers retain their 4+ cover save too, which is great.
However, we add a cheap Biker boss - give him 5++, bosspole, bike at minimum.
Why is this bad for you? The warboss is T6 NATIVELY and catches railguns, and all manner of nasty shots.
Is this unbeatable? of course not !

Is this breaking what we thought were well written rules? unfortunately, yes.

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