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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blazers @ Spurs


Miller Rebound (Off:1 Def:0) 00:01.9

Play of the game IMO (only got to see ticker tape). Roy say out with a strained shoulder and will hopefully be better from the Christmas clash with the Nuggets but just wow. This was an fantastic and gutsy effort by the Blazers who really had some people step up in big shoes.

Bayless (although a poor percentage night) went off for 31 pts and 7 assists whilst Aldridge was there to steady the boat in the 2nd half with 22 points and 8 boards. Miller IMO deserves a heap of praise. 0-6 for the first half and the Spurs were putting a run together to put the Blazers away and he scores 7 straight points. Doesn't score again until the final second with 2 FTs after a huge rebound.

From what I can tell the Blazers simply scrapped and worked out. They forced a lot of turnovers and kept their own ball safe. Even with the Spurs shooting over 50% they were able to out work them to get 2nd chance points and got to the line 9 more times.

An absolutely amazing road trip for the Blazers, to come away 3-1 against 4 good playoff teams with such an injured roster is simply amazing. They deserve so much credit. Now let's go home and get some wins that aren't so close!

Nuggets on the 25th then the 76ers, Clippers and Warriors all at home could help improve Portland's standings (they are currently 5th and only half a game behind the Suns who are in a tight game with the Thunder atm).

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