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Thursday, December 24, 2009

1500 Space Wolf Tourney

Looking at the SW book I think I can make a better variant of my 1500 SM tourney force with this book (ironic yes?). Again voicing my dislike for 1500!

HQ –
Rune Priest w/Saga of the Beastslayer and Chooser of the Slain
Powers: Tempest (or Murderous Hurricane) and Living Lightning

Elites –
Dreadnought w/2x twin-linked autocannons

Dreadnought w/2x twin-linked autocannons

Troops –
10x Grey Hunters w/flamer, meltagun and Rhino

10x Grey Hunters w/flamer, meltagun and Rhino

5x Grey Hunters w/flamer and Rhino

5x Imperial Storm Troopers w/2x meltaguns

Fast Attack –
2x Land Speeders w/Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta

2x Land Speeders w/Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta

Heavy Support –
Predator w/Heavy Bolter sponsons

Predator w/Heavy Bolter sponsons

3x Long Fangs w/2 missile launchers and Rhino

1470 pts
12 armoured behemoths
34 infantry

30 points to play with. Essentially I've only lost out in my Fast Attack (losing 2 speeders) but gained or stayed the same in the other slots whilst increasing my points in Troops (apparently a "balanced" army is 40-50% troops with no uber units which can take on any type of does one do that with 50% in troops...?).

3 pinkments:

Vinsanity said...

Not sure on this one, the motf list seemed better with scouts and more speeders. Not too sure how u can add bp and ccw to the marines if it's stricter on wysiwyg. It doesn't have the lascannons on one pred but has 2 ml. I assume the lf rhino will be given to the ist and that means that the 3 lf will be shot and killed much easily. All up, it's pritty similar but I preferred the sm lists, esp the motf one...

Anonymous said...

Spend the extra 30 points on another long fang or upgrade their rhino to a razorback.

Kirby said...

Dearie me anon, an RBack? lol

The LF Rhino is for the LFs and the 5 man GH rhino for the ISTs. Hide the GH behind the LF rhino on an objective and swap in and out if needed.

I know the losing of the fast MMs hurts a bit but I think with a bit of tweaking the Wolf list will work a bit better. If only the SM libby could have an awesome spell like Living lightning...

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