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Sunday, December 27, 2009

NBA on Extra day of gift giving.

A lot of games happened on the 25th. Only got to see the Laker and Cavs game (another fantastic crowd showing where the their team loses and they boo, very classy). It was a great game to watch and its nice to finally see the Cavs really play well together. If they can continue to play that well it will be an interesting race to the finish in the East if Orlando can step it up.

Portland toughed out a great game at home against the Nuggets with Roy carrying them on 41/6/4/. These past 5 games (going 4-1 and 3 wins on the road) against playoff teams have been an excellent test for the Blazers and with a much softer schedule coming up, hopefully they can keep it rolling and move up in the standings (they are now 1 game behind the Nuggets).

Hope everyone enjoyed their turkey and ham!

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