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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tyranid Preview

I’m sure most of you have got an inkling of what’s coming with the new Tyranid codex through rumors or leaked copies so these are just my thoughts on what’s coming before I get my hands on my own copy.

Firstly, I agree with the YTTH stance that Tyranids are going to chomp down on foot lists. Whilst their ranged anti-mech is more about inflicting damage than destroying, the extra layer of protection is going to keep you alive and allow you to get away and re-deploy. Add in the fact the best Tyranid guns are blast or have good rate of fire and your foot armies are folding rapidly (if you still haven‘t figured that out yet).

If you haven’t already caught on to the fact that psychic powers are back (I’ve been saying this to Vince since the SM book :P), it’s time to get some psychic defense. Some armies can’t but if you have the option you really should be looking into it. This link here should give you some help in regards to that. None of the Tyranid powers are over the top but some abilities like mental scream and nerve shock can significantly impact some armies and Warp Lance is the Tyranid’s new best means of heavy anti-tank. Tyranid psychic defense is pretty good with Shadow in the Warp taking a hit but being more common. Add in the Deathleaper and the Tyranid player can be relatively happy with their psychic defense.

Most of the ‘special’ creatures I don’t see being used too often. Either too pricey or simply don’t do anything worthy of their cost. The Deathleaper I can see being very common for the -D3 to Ld and I can see some players trying to utilise the Doom but it is simply too weak and vulnerable to ID. The increased cost to the MC is well worth it and you can still field an impressive number of T6+ bodies (many of them with W6) and actually field a balanced force and still overwhelm your opponent with little gribblies. Some of the new units like the Pyrovore, Venomthrope and Ymgarl Genestealers leave something to be desired but with the inclusion of Tervigon, Trygon, Harpy, Mawloc, Hive Guard and making Warriors and Guants better across the board is a giant leap forward for the new Tyranids.

I think the biggest and most important changes to the Tyranid codex have been the Tervigon, increased mobility (through reserves such as spores and tunnels) and an improved ability to handle mech. The Tervigon enables excellent Troop based abilities (being able to be one itself and increase the effectiveness of Termaguants) and the increased mobility allows the Tyranids to get in your face quickly and potentially keep up with mech (also allowing side shots, etc. etc.). The one area I am disappointed in is Fast Attack. Whilst decent choices in the Harpy and Raveners I think again the flexibility isn’t as impressive as the rest of the codex.

I’ll look at the codex more in-depth when I can get my hands on one but I think the wait will have been well worth it!

Happy New Year all.


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