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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blazers and the post-season

Well I'm back as I'm sure you all care and lucky for me I got to watch a Blazers game I had recorded whilst away (against the Spurs). It was a pretty decent game on the Blazers part offensively but they really are missing an inside presence (obviously) and without Roy in there, they are on offense. I'd love to see more drives from Miller and Webster (who after my initial attack has seemed to become more consistent as a scorer, rebounder and defender so it might be worth keeping him though you still have the problem of being 3 deep at the guard to small forward positions once everyone is healthy).

But what is the Blazer's outlook for the rest of theseason? Gloomy but not as bad as everyone suspected when everyone kept falling down. With Roy they were competing for the 4th-6th spots in the West but having lost some very winnable games without him the best they should be competing for would be 6th and maybe, maybe 5th I think. Realistically they are looking at 7th though. So with Roy returning after the All-Star break the Blazers should be back to their more impressive winning ways and hopefully this year will have been a great building block for next year in the maturity and closing out department. The only thing the Blazers need to work on will be chemistry. Miller and Roy still don't work as well as Blake and Roy and they seem to try and run (and with an excellent running big man like Aldridge, they really should be) but then settle for 10 jump shots in a row.

So hopefully the Blazers with Roy will be able to make as favorable match up as possible in the playoffs and squeeze into the 2nd round. But without an inside presence I don't feel they can compete consistently over a 7 game series in the West.

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