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Monday, February 1, 2010


Well I'm off with the missus for a week so including the week or so I've been quiet here (DragonAge got me hooked! good game) I prob won't be back blogging until mid-Feb. Fingers crossed we don't get another flood (worst holiday luck). This also means I am unlikely to make the tournament at the end of Feb as I still don't all the pieces I need.

Send in any questions you have to my email and save up threads for me to bash! lol

Have a good couple weeks everyone.


2 pinkments:

GWvsJohn said...

some more hilarious reading for when you return

This guy won 'ard boyz in the US. Seriously.

Scout bikers? 2 Thunderfires?

Something all scout can be "decent" methinks

2 big sniper squads, 2 storm CC squads
3 riflemen
2 storms
3 mm/hf speeders
3 dakkas (or more rifles if points are available)
MotF conversion

You need the Riflemen to take out any fast units with heavy flamers because they simply wreck scouts.

Kirby said...

Did not even read beyond the list.

This blog certainly is turning into a bashing of stupid crap :P.

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