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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Email in: Another BoLS blunder...

This from GWvsJohn:

What a terrible, terrible article. Not only does he not put the MM/HF
speeder forth as a good one, he specifically says it's bad. What
world does he live in where av10 moving 6" isn't instantly destroyed?

Have to agree with John here ^^ not to mention the bad article of jawaballs (back when it was posted a day or so earlier another blog had posted a proper analysis of Speeders vs Attack Bikes; can't remember the

Essentially this article seems to be advocating double MM (uh why?) and from my skimming of the article doesn't even mention MM/HF.

Let's be blunt here. The Typhoon and MM/HF are the best Land Speeders out there. Next.

2 pinkments:

40k Junkie said...

"the bad article of jawaballs"

I have no issue with your counter argument, but when debating a topic you should give reason for your opinion.

His article is a look at the two options. Yes he prefers the attack bikes, where some would prefer the speeders. If you note though he gave some of the different deployment tactics stating the opinion of both sides.

What is the link to the other article you reference, and what is your opinion on the matter.

Kirby said...

Ick I made a reply to this but it got lost in the interwebs. *sigh*

The gist; jawaballs article is laced comments and negative-LS comments when it's supposed to be a comparison (put your opinion in fine but make the comparison bias free). He also makes blanket statements like (from my memory, can't be bothered going back):

"To me the AB is more survivable..."

When you actually look at the numbers, they aren't. This is of course black and white but then you need to consider how well SM does Mech and the saturation Speeders gives you and how they force your opponent to strike at them, etc. etc. etc compared to the ability to hide ABs behind Rhinos (and if you speed them you lose that and S8 has fun fun), etc. All missed in jawa's article. This is not me saying the ABs are bad, just if you want to write an article about ABs and LS, make it a proper and comprehensive article. To me it's another half-arsed article that BoLS junkies gobble up and does nothing for the competitive environment.

And since I can't remember who did the other LS/AB comparison I don't have the link. Might of been Chaosgeril? *shrug*

Furthermore the reason I didn't delve into the specifics of the article or jaws's is I don't want to simply sit here and flame BoLS (otherwise we'd be here all day! <-- see; I'm so bad :(). Warseer, fine because I sit there and try and reason with people but I don't have anything to do with BoLS and am only really going to nerd-rage when moronic articles like the Hybrid one pop up.

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