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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Channel 7 & tennis

For those of you who live in Australia you'll know what I'm talking about; for those who don't, a little enlightenment. Australia has 5 free to air TV channels which has tripled with digital and HD television all built around those 5 free to air channels. One of those channels is Channel 7. They have exclusive rights to the tennis during the Australian Open.

So stop going to OTHER PROGRAMS MID GAME. I'm fine for the news to come on. It's 30 minutes and you could compress it to a lot less in between sets or games (like today there was essentially 30 minutes of ads between games @ 430pm, why not do the news then?). But why the hell do we need to see an affairs show and a soap? I want to watch the tennis that comes around once a year which you have paid exclusive rights to air and then not air it. If you care about ratings, PLAY THE TENNIS. More people are going to watch the tennis Quarter Finals than the news because the news can be looked up in an instant on the internet or with a newspaper. Hell you can record another news program. When you have rights to the tennis and don't play the tennis we either have to get cable TV (bugger off, expensive and you have to pay out the wazoo to get good cominbations like sports and movies and they have so many commericals it should be free anyways) or watch the ticker tape online.

So pull your fingers out and play the bloody tennis which you've paid exclusive rights for.

3 pinkments:

Kirby said...

So what I've missed is a clear turnaround for Federer in the 2nd set to go up a break and win the set and then break early in the 3rd set. In the first set and game of the 2nd he looked like he was done in straight sets.

Wow I'd of loved to have seen that.

I really hate Australian TV. l2bflexible.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched any of the tennis lately, so i'm not really worried. :P

Kirby said...

The missus found an article in the newspaper about this as well. It's good to see I have so much power...

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