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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eldar Upgrade Summary

Picture from Ron @ FTW. It was pointed out to me the other day the Eldar Vehicle Upgrades are a bit hard to find, so I'm making a summary post here for you lot of lazy bums! Kildash from Warseer and I also had a nice discussion about the articles (and blocking in general; he was nice and positive) so I'll go a bit more in-depth and cover a few things we discussed. I'd also like to say thanks to Kildash for a) liking my blog and b) showing me people from the forums can disagree without being tools (constructive arguing FTW). I'm going to say it again, disagree with me all you want but have a point. The crap this blog got from 40kO in trolling (not everyone, thank you moc065) was akin to what YTTH gets and I'd rather avoid that even if it does up my traffic. So back to the Eldar upgrades. Here they are in order of age:
  1. Fire Prisms & Holo-fields
  2. Spirit Stones & Shuriken Cannons
  3. Star/Vectored Engines
And for the even lazier...let's summarise and go a bit deeper. I advocate Shuriken Cannons on EVERYTHING. If it's an Eldar vehicle, it should have a chin shuriken cannon. Now this should seem obvious on Vypers & Falcons as they produce more dakka than their already impressive dakka this way but I know some of you will question it on Prisms & Serpents. So as is stated in Link 2, it's giving you a second heavy gun. Don't care if it's BS3, Eldar, IG and Tau all seem to get by with it. When your main gun is shot off, your tank isn't relegated to tankshocking/ramming/blocking. Whilst those are all good uses of said tank, you've got a 4th option which is highly important. Furthermore, playing the standard stand-offish way that Eldar do, when the enemy gets within that 18-24" range, you can move 6" as an army and fire nearly 30 more S6 shots. For 10pts per tank. That's a lot of extra dakka and shouldn't be overlooked. And it's cheap.

Holo-fields I am also fully against except on Falcons as vehicles are more likely to suffer shaken/stunned/weapon destroyed. This is fine for a Falcon who takes stones and has multiple weapons but Prisms lose out majorly when their weapon is knocked off. Whilst this is better than it dying obviously, it's not worth the extra 45pts stones + fields costs you. Remember, Prisms number 1 defense is range. Besides Vypers, Prisms are the easiest tank in the Eldar arsenal to drop (no energy fields) so will be targeted by the intelligent enemy ASAP. 60" range means they can camp in corners and be safe so when you do get shaken (which is more likely w/Fields), you're rarely going to be in range of anything to ram/block/shock/etc. However, if your Prism Cannon gets knocked off, you can more willingly move into midfield to get the chassis and Shuriken Cannon into play as ranged defense isn't really helping you anymore.

IIRC that covers everything that has been raised...if there were any other questions/disagreements/etc, post it here and I'll cover them. And for everyone else you've now got your Eldar upgrades all at the tip of your fingers!

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