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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fire Prisms and holo-fields

We're back with some silly stuff. First read this post please. Now that we've covered that let's look at Prisms in isolation. This came up because I was watching a game and someone commented he should of taken Holo-fields (HF) after one of his Prisms was destroyed (the Eldar list was similar to my 2k but with more Storm Guardians over DA versus an IG Hydra/Ven/Chim spam w/Bubble-wrap IG list) and I pointed out why he shouldn't. Let's review that.

HF improve your tank's survivability outside of melta-range considerably (see linked post) at the cost of your shooting/moving or a weapon. Spirit stones makes this a cost of shooting or a weapon. Pretty good, in fact really good for something that can hold objectives (cough Falcon w/DA cough). For something with one main gun (the Prism cannon) this is not good. First off you're forking out 45 pts per Prism to get this combo to work which has one main gun and it is more likely to lose it with HF. Now whilst the HF may protect the Prisms from dying, to do this for 2 prisms you have essentially paid the cost of a bare 3rd one. Remember, less is more in 40k (less upgrades = more saturation).

Next, your opponent doesn't care if your Prism is dead or can't shoot, it's pretty much the same to him/her. So they have to shoot it next turn, oh well. In the aforementioned IG list it's not that hard with the amount of firepower they have. Suppression fire FTW. That falcon w/DA though? It needs to die but has such a high survival rate thanks to HF that it nearly becomes useless to try. Shake it so you don't get hit by 9 S6+ shots a turn but that's about it unless you can get into melta range you just have to deal with that tank surviving. The prisms are completely different though because the Eldar player is NOT happy when they are not shooting and thus if you do buy HF you are wasting points; same with Stones. Whilst sure the HF may allow you to reposition or move the Prism around rather than it being a wreck but when you start using it to block, etc. you get into melta range and they don't give a rat's bottom about HF. I'd rather have more AV12 chassis to move around, shoot and overwhelm my opponent than less which are more survivable because I am more likely to do something with more tanks.

Does this make sense to people who enjoy HF on their Prisms now? Or do I need to elaborate further.

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The_King_Elessar said...

I used to run Holo-Fail Prisms, and Spirit Stones Serpents too - until I realised I could go from 7 Grav Tanks to 9, get a third Dragons squad, and get some Pathfinders too, all for 1750. I admit, it was a friend convinced me to look at it again, but I wrote the list, and I sure as hell made it mine. lol

Point is, Holo-Fields only belong on Falcons. Spirit Stones don't belong on anything, atm, unless you have points to burn.

Obviously, Dragon Serpents CAN do with them...but if there is a Rule of Thumb, then it's don't.

Gauthic said...

I respectfully disagree my dear Lord Elessar. :) Spirit Stones have saved many a Falcon Chassis in my games over the last few months. When I got a Stunned Result, I was still able to GTFO by moving 24" into cover so that I can use the vehicle next turn many times. Does it always work? No, but it's worth the extra 10 points to keep CC'ers from auto-hitting the next round.

Drathmere said...

I got to fight that army!

The_King_Elessar said...

Sure, sometimes. But not when it's the difference between 8 Tanks and 9. :)

We get little enough firepower from them as is. I forgot, I do usually take Stones on my 200 point Gunboat Falcons, when using that list.

Gauthic said...

80-90 points won't buy anything but a Vyper Eldar vehicle wise. (10 points per spirit stone upgrade for 8-9 models)

However I'm pretty much a stickler about no upgrades whatsoever except spirit stones, no exceptions, no returns. Every* weapon is overcosted (and 6" too short of range)--especially the weapon upgrades in the Eldar list.

*With exception to the Fire Prism cannon, maybe.

The_King_Elessar said...

Yes, but I was dropping Holo-Fails also. :)

Kirby said...

I'll go write something on stones and shuricannons cause I'm nice like that.

BoBliness said...

The math says fields on prisms is worth it.

I dont run prisms though, and fields are definately worth in on falcons if they are back-field gun boats and/or scorers.

Stones are worth it for specific situations, I play them on my dragon serpents, if I'm running two sets of dragons. If i'm running three then the stones arent as necessary.

Stones on the falcons are worth it (in my opinion) just to assist in their scoring role.

Nothing like a stunned set of falcons to stop you grabbing objectives in the last turn or two :(

The stones come in most handy, as mentioned above, in preventing a death by CC for your tank.

I'd say for a tournament list, the falcons having stones if they are your primary scoring threat, is a worthwhile investment.

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