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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PM in: List request for 3++

"Interesting list request for an Imperial Guard list that I was wondering if 3++ could tackle:

1850 Imperial Guard footsloggers (nothing with an armour value at all) using no commissars, a CCS with carapace armour, and 3 squads of storm troopers.

I'm considering guard and liked this theme but couldn't figure out how to make it work, wondered if 3++ could.


Interesting is one way to put no armor at all is going to mean the army is very limited in mobility. The 3 stormtrooper squads should therefore be Deepstrike based which means I want them as small as possible most likely. CCS is easy to use but wasteful with 20 pts for the carapace armor and lack of Commissars means we need a tiny SoB unit w/BoSL (unless Raptors8th doesn't want Sisters then...well we have vulernable Troops ^^). 3x5 Stormtroopers w/2x meltaungs each are 105 pts and allow some mobility and anti-tank outside of your deployment zone. We'll take the CCS w/Carapace armor and add Creed and a further CCS both with autocannons for 230 pts. A cheap Dominion squad w/Vet sister, BoSL and 2 meltaguns will set us back 104 pts. So we've used 649 pts for a lot (6) orders a turn, some meltagun mobility outside of our deployment zone and a stubborn bubble. Time to add the infantry.

We obviousl want to use infantry platoons and contain as many Heavy Weapon squads as possible. Platoon command squads don't add to much in terms of orders so we will most likely only take two actual Troops with a lot of squads inside those. Our heavy weapons will be a mix of Lascannons and Autocannons with Lascannons in the bigger squads and autocannons in the heavy weapons teams. 2 platoon command squads w/autocannons will cost us 80pts. We now need 4 infantry squads (up to 10 max) and up to 10 heavy weapon squads. An infantry squad containing a sniper rifle and lascannon will set us back 75 pts whilst a heavy weapons team with autocannons will set usback 65 pts. We want to ensure we have a lot of infantry on the table which comes from the infantry squads whilst ensuring we have a lot of guns which comes for the heavy weapons teams. We'll therefore take 8 of each squad giving us: 8 lascanons, 8 sniper rifles and 24 autocannons from out infantry with a total of 128 T3 wounds (96 actual models).

This list obviously suffers hugely from lack of mobility and whilst there are a lot of guns, it's main anti-infantry is lasguns due to lack of blasts usually seen in IG armies (from tanks). It is also vulnerable to tank shocks so some meltaguns littered through the squads to discourage tank shocking would be a smart idea. The Stormtroopers allows some mobility and meltaguning before enemy armor reaches you but otherwise this list is looking to shoot you off the table but without much blocking. It basically needs to feed you an infantry squad a turn once you reach them whilst attempting to maintain the range to the stubborn bubble. Creed & CCS hand out orders to the heavy weapons teams as much as possible to make them more effective. So here's the list:

Company Command Squad w/Creed, Carapace Armor, autocannon
Company Command Squad w/autocannon

5x Stormtroopers w/2x meltaguns
5x Stormtroopers w/2x meltaguns
5x Stormtroopers w/2x meltaguns

2x Platoon Command Squad w/autocannon
8x Infantry Squad w/lascannon, sniper rifle
8x Heavy Weapons squad w/autocannons

5x Dominions w/2x meltaguns, Vet sister w/Book of St. Lucius

Totals: 1849 pts
132 infantry (inc. 36 heavy weapon teams).

Again, a couple meltaguns here and there will do some good but otherwise that's what you're looking at for a stand and shoot IG army with a lot of infantry and no tanks. I know this was the request but to show those who believe foot IG are better than tanks, when you add tanks to this list you can essentially drop oh 40-50 infantry for ~10ish tanks which is a very good trade-off as it gives you mobility, defense and more variety in your damage output.

Hope that's whatyou were looking for Raptors8th. Was confusing making a foot list like this :p.

9 pinkments:

Eltnot said...

The Dominion squad must buy a transport. Better to take a Celestian Squad instead. They'll cost less as a unit, and have better stats to boot.

Kirby said...

Woops thanks Eltnot. Unfortunately Raptors8th wants 3xST squads so no Celestians unless we drop a CCS. We'll add in a SoB squad w/2x meltaguns + Vet sister w/BoSL by dropping the Dominion squad and one of the heavy weapons squads which means we can drop a couple of meltaguns in the infantry squads as well (4-5 I think though you're losing the sniper rifles).

AbusePuppy said...

What's the opinion on Standards in the CCSes? Seems like a cheap alternative to the Book, and though not as useful in some situations, a reroll on Ld8 is generally gonna be better than Ld9 Stubborn. Combined with Get Back in the Fight, it is often going to be enough to hold your line.

Also, maybe some screening squads to prevent early assaulters? Except you kinda need Comissars for that, so hrm. Marbo can help as well, I think I'd prefer him to the Stormtroopers, who are just too expensive for my taste.

grav said...

Looks good, got the right direction, couple of points though..

3x Autocannon Heavy Weapon Teams are 75 points, not 65.

Creed + Kell is the golden combo in pure foot.

I seriously doubt the writer of the email wants allies as this is very likely out the door in a couple of months and it isn't needed IMO.

I'd use my platoon commands as 3-4 Flamer squads to BQQ assaulters after they eat a squad.

Chumbalaya said...

I like Straken in a foot list. No Commissars is crippling though.

I think dropping the 2nd CCS for a Palatine (safer Book) and giving Creed's unit camo cloaks and Fleet Officer.

Kirby said...

Failing @ math 101, thanks grav. Otherwise excellent suggestions there.

@Puppy; stubborn is better in combat which is where they want it. Please remove 30-40 guardsmen through wounds ^^. Agree re: Marbo & Stormtroopers but was requested for 3 ST squads...

@Chumb; Creed > Straken methinks? FC/CA bubble is nice but 4 orders is nicer. Palatine is of course a choice but I thought the extra orders might help this list kill crap before it gets close.

We wait for what the requester thinks *twiddles thumbs.*

Raptors8th said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Extirpation said...

The DS stormies are wonderful, they can be devastatingly accurate, and can reliably disable heavily armed targets, without allowing your opponent any ability to retaliate.

While there aren't that many foot IG players out there, they typically fall into either a HW team spam, or commissar Blobs. The former favors shooting the literal shit out of your opponent, while praying that you can just shoot them off an objective. Most of my games ended in draws while trying this, and KP games are a nightmare.

This is because HW teams are pitiful by themselves, and are more suited toward smaller point battles, unless taken en'masse, or given buffs from nearby command squads/commissars/SOB/etc.etc.
As HW teams have a nasty habit of legging it,and while they are cheap, loosing 75 pts after taking 1 krak missile can really stunt their effectiveness. The trick here is to find a way to preserve your firepower, and while taking creed, keel, lord commissars, and banners can make them stay right down to the last wound. However, even if your able to keep that overpriced lascannon HW team alive, its now substantially less deadly, and you've already sunk 100s of points into trying to keep it alive and make it dual linked.

Instead, I suggest, just taking banners, and maxing out the autocannons. Dont worry too much about issuing orders, or making them super durable, just take more of them. The 15pt banner will decrease their tendency to run. You have to ignore the casualties at the start, and go strait for their balls, praying that youll be able to destroy their ability to retaliate and move, As you are quite literally a glass cannon.

As far as those mandatory infantry-squads go put a melta or 2 in your infantry-squads/ PCS, don't add any frills, just 60pts of pure distraction, they are only there to distract. Against most armies you can just keep moving them forward harassing infantry with lasgun fire, and taking shots at tanks with meltas.

Yes, I would exercise caution with a super assaulty army, but If you play your cards right, you can actually use guardsmen to reduce their movement by stopping an inch away from an assault unit. It may be bloody, but hey, rending their total movement to 1in+D6 may actually help you rather than hurt(though its a very situational tactic)

However theres jack shit you can do vs any outflanking army, as HW teams will loose combat, and your opponent will multiassault the stuffing out of you.

Guard blobs are much more fun though. And if you do decide to use them, straken is almost a must. First off, Guard blobs are the snorlax of 40k, they sit on their ass for 4 turns, receiving orders and shooting lascannon shots. You can shoot at them all day, and you'll likely be wasting your shots, as a 40 or 50 man squad can take dual linked potshots at you all day and, and even go to ground If im feeling threatened, then pop back up next shooting phase. Even if you manage to kill 10 models, it has little impact on the 5 dual linked lascannons.
And if you take straken, and maybe a few PWs, they can retain their deadliness even In CC.

wow good thing nobody will ever read this :p

Raptors8th said...

Thank you very much. Not quite exactly what I expected but hey you gave me the list I asked for and I like it. Intrigued by the palatine suggestion though, that could be interesting. Once again thanks for the response.

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