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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Re-organisation of ze blog

Well, I've played around with the layout of the blog on the sidebar (I'm sure some of you  noticed the labels changed from a long menu to clusters) as well as a few other tidbits like adding the option to like or dislike my posts (can't figure out how to do specific comments since I'm not using JS-kit, any help here would be good!). The blog also has 2 new authors since our last update post who have both posted once. These are of course Brother Loring (who's first article has been a hit it looks like, it's the cat picture...) and MagicJuggler. Hopefully they will both send me brief About Me's so they can go up on the About Me page. That's a lot of authors (8 total) and the doors will be closed for full-time applicants now. If you'd like to post an article up here send it to me and I'll review it and post on your behalf (with credit given of course).

So, we're up to around 1300+ visits per day which is pretty impressive but I know the ads are crappy (sorry). Outside of the Wayland one they will be disappearing soon but would like to try and get some ads with companies I appreciate and are related to 40k (i.e. Warstore, Gaming Dragon, Cheesix, Koplow, etc.) so if anyone has any information on how to do that or knows anyone at those companies (or contact details) help would be appreciated!

I've also re-organised the in-site links. Armies in 5th/How To has stayed the same but updated the Useful Articles link through all archived posted but looking for outside links if anyone knows of some good articles by other bloggers. Also compiled the Codex Reviews into one page and all the post series (i.e. Roland's Valkyrie series) into a single page where they can be easily accessed. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to navigate.

Are there any other suggestions for changes to the blog? Do you find it easier to navigate atm and the front page easy on the eye? The reaction to this blog so far has been fantastic and thanks everyone for the support, assistance and feedback!

3 pinkments:

Anonymous said...

I think you could streamline by getting rid of the paragraph below "Kirb your enthusiasm!" -- I read it once, but now I just scroll past it.

Also, you could have a giant sized link to my blog...

Chumbalaya said...

I like it.

Kirby said...

@clt40k, do you ever see the big bold notes :P?

@Chumb; so I should changed everything...

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