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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trial run of Lords of Terra Tyranids on Vassal

Had a game with Brother Loring on Vassal for giggles and practice with my Lords of Terra Tyranids army. Here’s what my Tervigons did:

Pooped 13 & 11
Poop 9 & 12
Poop 9 & 8
Poop 13 & 15 (both worn out).

Uh wow! We were going to write a batrep for this trial game on Vassal but it turned into too big of an lol. I’ll show you this pic from T3... Ya that’s 83 gants, and still counting (a total of 90 gants were spawned for 111 total…wow; all for 105 pts! + 2 tervigons). This is how you block without tanks. Layers and layers! His LRC couldn’t access my MC due to all of my gants. If he had 2 he could of created a wedge and assaulted from there but 2 @ 1750 doesn’t leave you with much else. I got lucky with my HG (glancing only smokes suck btw) and Immobed the LRC but wasn’t planning on it (target priority significantly changed when AV11 can only be glanced…did what 3 or 4 shakes in the first 2 turns against them?). When LRC got immobed could use gants to guide Termie exits and then simply swamp them whilst ensuring stragglers move slowly so they are within 6” of tervigons & sometimes Tyrant. FC/poisons/CC/PE is awesome for a 5pt model yes? Problem with the game boiled down to it being c&c and Tyranid lack of general AV14 means I wasn’t venturing too far away from my cover. Once I had neutralised the Raider it was really too late to gain BrotherLorings objective.

In hindsight probably should of deepstruck the Raveners to threaten his objective as they weren’t really needed to protected against the Termies/Crusaders, gants did that. Overall wasn’t a fantastic game but pretty full of giggles. Neither of our objectives were ever really threatened but it was great to see so many gants and have them die in droves then drag down Marines & Termies alike (I think I’ll need more Gants…only have 60!). T-Fexes didn’t do too well (one moved 5” in 2 turns including a run) and could of used onslaught. HG were excellent at denying midfield but didn’t do that much actual damage. You can see end result on T6 below.

Anyway, good game BroLo, lack of 2 Raiders = sadface.

3 pinkments:

Anonymous said...

"lack of 2 raiders = sadface"

Tell me about it!

Your man kirby here is being overly generous. He absolutely destroyed me. I think I put the odd wound on the rant/guard, killed one hive guard (on guy, not one unit) and he Perils'd himself for 2 wounds on the tervigons. Oh... and don't forget the 50 (free) termagaunts I killed - the majority of which were actually fearless saves. I think I had about 600 points left at the end.

I made some monumental errors, that even somebody a n00bie like me should be ashamed of. Let's put it this way, I would have been better without the speeders at all! Honestly! They did nothing but block the LoS of my preds for one turn. Awesome huh? I think I need to improve my Speeder Fu!

If Kirby still has the pics, I'd like to put some words to them. There is no point in so much failure being wasted.

Good game Kirbs, hopefully next time I can be more of a challenge!

Oh and if anybody says that screening/bubllewrap doesn't work, send them my way so I can punch them in the gonads... seriously, male/female I don't care!

Kirby said...

I've got deploy, T1, T2, T3 (which is halfway through my T4 movement), T4 & T6 I think. I'll post them up when I get home Saturday so you can comment on them.

Ya fearless saves in a multi-combat lol. Oh look you mobbed killed the EC w/20 gant attacks which hit on 3s w/re-rolls and wound on 4s. Ya he died. Oh well your Crusader squad killed 7 of my gants from a different squad but who was also involved (*giggle*) with the EC. What...7 fearless wounds on all 3 Gant Squads...and the Raveners? *waves by to 24 gants in one hit*. That was lol worthy.

Don't worry, you'll give me a challenge next time. Right?

Chumbalaya said...

Dayum, that's a lot of gants.

I wish I only had to worry about 1 Land Raider, then my Zoanthropes could totally miss that too.

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