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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Libby on bike WIP III

So basically I'm studying (especially after the BroLo lol match) so haven't had time to write some tactics up, sorry! I  have an e-mail to respond to (it'll happen @ oh roughly 5am =D) and my exams are over next week so I should have some tactical articles up soon. I'd like to do a How To on Blood Rodeo since there is some interest in that of late but until then you can oo and aa at my Libby atm. Haven't done much outside of changing Warp Fire color, changing up model with some accessories, worked on handlebars/head and painted the seat fully. Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated! I'd especially appreciate thoughts on what to do with the tyres, remember all my armies are based on ice/snow worlds. 'Nids will be coming very soon, like when my order arrives!

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The Wolf's Lunch said...

Looking good. Although it still annoys me to have no control of the bike :P

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