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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Email in: So I finally wrote up an original list

In anticipation for my Eldar arriving and causing me painstaking stress to insure they look as good as the money I paid for them, I decided to actually try my hand at writing an original 2k list (still pretty set on the 1500 pt Stelek list with Warwalkers) to see if my time actually spent playing DE for the past few weeks (average 5 games a week I would say) as affected my ability to list write for the better. Without further ado, here's what I've come up with:

HQ: 210 pts
Eldrad Ulthran

Elites: 645 pts
5 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent with TL Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones

5 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent with TL Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones

5 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent with TL Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones

Troops: 710 pts
5 Dire Avengers
1 Dire Avenger Exarch with Bladestorm
Wave Serpent with TL Bright Lances, Shuriken Cannon

5 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent with TL Bright Lances, Shuriken Cannon

5 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent with TL Bright Lances, Shuriken Cannon

5 Dire Avengers

Heavy Support: 435
Fire Prism with Shuriken Cannon

Fire Prism with Shuriken Cannon

Falcon with Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo-Field, Spirit Stones

2000 pts

The Serpent-less DA along with Eldrad ride in the tricked-out Falcon, casting Fortune on the FD Serpents and then Doom on whatever unit is unfortunate enough to get hit by either Bladestorm, the Prisms, or anything really. The FD Serpents have Stones to make sure they get to where they're supposed to go with just that much more reliability while the Scatter Lasers provide anti-inf firepower as the Serpents retreat after the FD pop tanks. The troop Serpents hang back and shoot, taking objectives/contesting when needed with one having an Exarch to Bladestorm someone off at least one objective if need be. Fire Prisms and the Falcon obviously hang around and shoot as well.

15 Melta shots, plus Pulse gun, plus 3 TL Bright Lances, plus Prisms. With Doom/Guide, I hope this is enough anti-tank.

43 str 6 shots (versus the Stelek list 84...), plus Prisms, plus Avengers if it comes to it. I hope this is enough anti-inf. Even though it is close to half the str 6 of Stelek's list, most of it comes on much more survivable platforms, however no Vypers mean that the opponent only has quality targets to pick on, making every loss just that much harder.

However, I think 9 hopefully hard to kill grav tanks might be enough at 2k,as Eldrad makes keeping them alive easier.

Where do you think the list faults? Are my explained tactics (at least in theory) sound, well, sound to you? Did I make myself look like an idiot and fudge up my list math (which I do embarrassingly often)? Are two potential Farseers better than 1 Eldrad? I tried to fit in either 3 more FD (one in each squad) or a tricked out FD Exarch but didn't have the room. Also, I tried squeezing in an Autarch with Fusion Gun, but couldn't squeeze that either and I know the Exarch is probably the weak link of the list, but I was out of ideas to take up space and keep it exactly 2k.

Thanks a ton for posting my emails and allowing me to get quality feedback, its a great help really.

Regards, Meister_Kai

This looks like my current list! So it's great :P lol. Only changes would be adding Vypers. You can do this by dropping stones, DA exarch, SLs to Shurikens on Dragon Serpents and dropping Eldrad to a normal Seer. I prefer Eldrad though in the current game setting with all the psychic defenses. If you wanted to add an Autarch that's where you can drop points as well. You could also go to 2 BL Serpents instead of 3 and get a lot more playing room there but obviously your ranged anti-tank suffers a bit, particularly against multiple AV14 armies.

If you've made this yourself from all the advice you've recieved in places, your training is complete. Conquer the world now please :P. The type of list you've created takes advantages of what the Eldar codex has to offer whilst minimising it's weaknesses as much as possible. There are little variations you can do with the list (see above) but it's a great template to work off of, so good job. Glad you are getting something out of the blog (and others). Gaming experience gives a lot to list writing doesn't it?

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Chumbalaya said...

Pretty much what Kirbs said. I'd like the Vypers too, I'd also like DBF on the FD squads.

Good stuff.

Meister_Kai said...

Seriously, thanks to the advice of you, TKE, and Stelek I have started the metamorphosis from pure theoryhammer newbie to actual game player (with quality lists)!

For an example of how far I've come thanks to actually playing games and reading sites like this, I used to think that Fire Prisms were horrible because BS can only hit 60% or so....

Yeah, it was that bad lol. Now, I was never truly delusional to an absurd point, for instance one look at the codex and I could tell you that DL/Raider spam is the only way for DE to go.

As far as learning about 40K, first I read the DE codex. Then I made a list, found out about Stelek's site, then read the rulebook, AND THEN finally play a game or two.

If I could do it again, I would play a game, read the rulebook, READ THE SPACE MARINE CODEX, then read the DE codex. A lot of DE stuff sounded awesome (like Wyches) until I read the SM codex (Vulkan makes all HF's and MM's TL'd you say?1?!). Also, I spent exactly one day on dakkadakka, it was very useful for learning 40k acronyms lol.

But yeah, I made this list myself, using tactics and list ideas learned from this site and others. I can see why people love units like Dark Reapers and Harliquins (which I of course think are awesome too, to an extent) until you read what imperium codices can do (IE fuck you up if you use those units).

But yeah, since I will have about 3 Vyper models to play around with and I have all the ingredients needed to magnetize my Eldar everything, after I make my 2k list I'll try those changes out and see how it goes! I don't suspect that I will really need them all that much for where I play (only 2-3 quality players really) so I figured I would create a more forgiving list off the bat, then move to something with Vypers.

Also, I believe that playing DE has improved my game considerably. I feel like I had to really "play the game" so to speak, not merely charge forward in a Rhino then not care when it explodes. This is why I play 40K (xenos to be exact): I feel as though when I win with DE (or whatever), my opponent didn't so much as lose as I won. Of course this can be influenced by dice etc, but hey, I had to create those situations myself!

I think I am going to start my own blog eventually, oriented toward other new players with a "hey, lets be serious about these model soldiers dudes". Also, as soon as the models are finished, I might be sending in a battle report or two.

Thanks again for the post!

Kirby said...

Your training is complete. Fulfil your destiny (Luc). ^^ DE are great but waiting for their new book/models before I get back into them. It really is nice to know we as the "competitive blogger group" can improve people's game play by improving their understanding of the game. That's what most of us are all about. Not winning games but making everyone understand the concepts behind 40k so they just...well get it. This makes it fun for everyone.

Goodluck if you start your own blog :P. I expect donations =D.

The_King_Elessar said...


Though, I don't like the Baldestorm guy...but for his points not much can be done. lol

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