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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Email in: Mass Riflemen Dreads list [1850]

"So I have been trying to come with a 1850 list that consists of lots of Riflemen Dreads (via Master of the forge) and have yet to come up with anything I'm in love with. I have list writers block right now and I would like to see how you would build such a list. Thank you kirbs!"

Well that's a short e-mail! Running with this idea we've got a lot of reliable, long-ranged, medium strength shots (24 TL'd S7 @ 48") so we've got good suppression fire and transport popping and fair mobility on platforms that can move 6" and fire all their weapons. 6 of these buggers with a MotF + beamer sets us back 870 points giving us basically 1000 pts to work with. Not bad. There's two things we can do here, go for a Fast'N'Slow style list with Bikers or do a ranged Mech list. Let's go the Mech list first. We want to add in a Libby for psy defense + Null Zone for 100pts backed up by 3 typhoons which gives us 610 points left, just shy of what we need for 4 LasPlas RBacks so we'll drop a Typhoon (700) and add in 4 LasPlas RBacks at 660 pts giving us 40 pts to put combis or HKMs in. This gives us:

Mech Dread Spam:

Libby w/Null Zone & Avenger
MotF w/Conversion Beamer
6x 2xTL-AC Dreadnought
2x Typhoon
4x 5xTac w/LasPlas RBack + HKM

Or we could run a bike styled list. Problem with this list is going to be a lack of psychic defenses but oh well, not huge as we don't have any super units which can be screwed over. A Captain on a Bike w/Relic Blade is neccessary of course as well as adding a Bike to the MotF. This will set us back 200 points leaving us with 780 for bikes. A full bike squad w/PFist costs 310 so we've got just enough for 2 but a bit short on points for a solid 3rd squad. Let's drop the PFists and we've got just enough for a 5 man squad w/2 meltaguns + MM AB. This gives us:

Fast'N'Slow Dread spam:

Captain w/Bike, Relic Blade
MotF w/Bike, Conversion Beamer
6x 2xTL-AC Dreadnoughts
2x 8x Bikes w/2x meltaguns, MM AB
5x Bikes w/2x meltaguns, MM AB

The first list is more solid with a lot more firepower and armor saturation. I think with the 2nd list it might work better at higher points (2500) or if you made 3 of the Dreadnoughts MM dreads (or only had one TL-AC arm) to add some combat punch to the list. As it is I think normal Fast'N'Slow with Typhoons/Dreads/Preds backing up the Bikes is better so I'd be leaning towards the Mech Dread Spam list.

6 pinkments:

Auretious Taak said...

2 alternate suggestions to the first list Kirb's, firstly drop the HKM's and throw the MotF on a Bike (as he works so much better ona Bike and due to the set up of the army anyways even dropping him with 5 tacky Marines as fodder bodyguard isn't gonna help him survive as long as manouvrability and the ability to move and fire the Conversion Beamer on the move. 2nd suggestion is Combi-flamers instead of HKM's. The reason is, as witha razorwolf force or another critical mass style force, is that occasionally you will face a mega shit tonne of infantry and the list doesn't have the ability to deal with such numbers effectively. 4 combi-flamers will help immensely here.

islyfe said...

The one thing that I don't like about the first list is the lack of meltas and flamers. That list is very similar to the list I made, only difference is the speeders which I gave mm/hf and the serg's combis.

Brent said...

Crazy stuff - me and Goatboy have been yakking list-talk via email and this was one of the lists we came up with.

Ours was a bit different; basically it was a MoF on Bike w the CB, a Captain for the Command Squad which went on bikes, and other assorted goodness, similar to the thinking in the lists here.

I think a Rifleman Spam would devastate a lot of armies.


Kirby said...

@Taak; you don't have enough points to do both :P. If you roll the Speeders to MM/HF's you do which is fine. Combi-flamers are also a fine choice over HKM's.

@Brent; I posted it! nanana lol. Say hi to Thomas.

GreyICE said...

Okay, I see three problems with the first 800 points. First, you have no reliable answer to Power Armor, second you have no reliable answer to armor 13/14, third you can't answer hordes. That isn't bad, as you can fill those holes reasonably easily.

Lib - Null Zone, Avenger
MotF - Conversion Beamer
5x Gun Dread
1x PC TLA dread

10 Tac Marines (PC,Melta,PW), Razor w/LasPlas
10 Tac Marines (PC,Plas) Raz w/LasPlas
5 Insquisitorial Stormtroopers (w/Plasma Gun)

2xLS w/MM,HF
2xLS w/MM,HF

There's an okay CC blob to stick the Librarian in, so he can ride forward in the transport and deliver his STR 10 blast if he wants (or stay home for a bit).

There's 5 scoring units. And you can't safely ignore the Stormtroopers since they can pop a plas if you rush in.

Plasma Cannons are perfect for what this army is best at - transport killing. A dead transport disgorges the perfect targets for a nice Plasma Cannon blast.

Landspeeders obviously fill the two voids in the army - hordes and armor 13/14.

If you don't want to use Allies, I'm honestly stumped as to what to do with the last 60 points, and I don't want to spend them in random upgrades. Really, if they remove those from the next DH codex, I'll badly miss 'em.

Henrik said...

While I do think these lists are cool, I have to admit I find them weak. 125 points for 2 autocannons is very expensive, and IG can do it much cheaper, but still needs lots and lots of more dakka.
The lack of close combat and limited mobility will make this slow list to more often than not, end up in a disastrous melee, where you have nothing that saves you from disaster.
The first list has roughly the same staying power and firepower as a 1000 pts IG list. The second one just makes it more easy win for a cc or horde list, as charging (and killing) the bikers will bring the heavy hitters closer to the dreads.

Cool, but not good

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