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Monday, August 9, 2010

Email in: Khronate Marines 1750

"Hey Kirbs,

Thanks again for your help on my double tyrant 'Nid list. They are now happily led by a single tyrant and the raveners are giving me a far reaching unit to hit the opponent with. Anyway I will onto the subject of this e-mail. Here's a list from a codex which is in dire need of some help. I want to avoid the double lash route as much as possible and my only requirements are that Kharne and at least 2 units of Berzerkers be included in the list. I am also willing to consider a Blood Angels list for these gentlemen, but I thought I'd see if a solid list could be salvaged from the Chaos codex before going there. Also, I love Kharne as much as a man can love a lump of plastic which is why I've even reconsidered restarting my very first army.

Skull Takers 1750

Kharne (Duh)
Sorcerer (He has some uses)


Berzerkers#8x3 (Great at what they do, but in dire need of duality)
Champ w/PF
Rhino w/Combi-Melta

Fast Attack:
Bikers#3x2 (Sacrificial Lambs to the AV14 beasties)
2x Melta

Heavy Support:
Havocs#6-150x3 ( Cheap and come with ablative wounds)

Thanks for taking a look,

No problems with the double rant list. For Chaos, I'd recommend using one of the SM lists as 'Spikey' Marines. Your suggestion for BA here is a good idea and you could use a Rhino based ASM/Honor Guard force to count as your Zerkers with perhaps a Reclusiarch to count as Kharne. In regards to Chaos however, I'd not bother with the Bikes and rather have some Chosen w/melta in Rhinos to get your saturation up and Oblits instead of Havocs. Let me know if you want to roll with BA or Chaos and we can get an actual list hammered out Tyler.

1 pinkments:

Tyler said...

Cool, I'll hook you up with an e-mail. I'll probably go chaos, which is kinda gimpy, but oh well. I really want to convert up some princes and oblits.

Oh and Why oblits over havocs? I can see the advantages, but for cheap and flexible firepower the havocs seem great.

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