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Friday, August 6, 2010

A 2,000pt Non-Comp Tourney an hour from Sydney at the end of the month? NO WAY!!! :D

So Kirby and Co in Australia, you've been in the normal boat of comp sucks we NEED a tournament that allows us to play strong lists against other strong lists in a solid tournament setting where painting and sports are non-existant (you'll have fun and still be polite anyways, but sports won't have an effect on overall battle points). So here's your chance (and mine assuming I haven't been pre-booked lol).

Lonestar on wargamerau, a Comp Tourney Veteran who has won tournaments in NSW and Aus with soft armies such as Grey Knights and a high Comp Score army is runninga tournament on Sunday the 29th August (several weeks off) down at Woollongong an hours drive from Sydney. The basic scoring is as follows:

The format is 3 games, played over the day.

Each game will be scored as follows....

Battle Point Breakdown.

Loss - 5
Draw - 15
Win - 25


+2 Most expensive Enemy HQ slain.
+2 Most expensive Enemy Unit (not HQ) slain.
+1 One or more scoring unit(2) in Enemy Deployment Zone.
+1 No enemy units (any units) in your Deployment Zone.
+3 Killed 80% or more of the enemy models.
+3 Control ALL the objectives.
+5 Wiped out your opponent by the end of round 3.
+1 Control any 3 table quarters.
+1 Least expensive Enemy HQ slain.
+1 Your most expensive HQ survives battle.
+1 Your most expensive Unit (not HQ) survives battle.
+2 You destroy all enemy scoring units
+1 Kill all enemies Heavy units.
+1 Destroy all the enemies Elte units.

Up to +25 bonus points can be earn't per battle. Some a eazy to achieve, others (like being tabled in turn 3) are almost impossible to achieve, to reward players who go hard!

For a total of 50 battle points per game....

And a final total of 150 battle points to be earnt over the day!!!

Rock on up with a WYSIWYG army and bam, that's about it, barring the mere $20 entry fee, which is pretty decent.

Now, the thread can be seen here:

If you're an aussie and aren't on wargamerau, join up and lurk. Whilst the majority of players there deride sites such as YTTH, there are quite a few that don't and it does give you a means of accessing all the local tournaments including the occasional non-comp one.

Now, for myself, assuming I can find the models to borrow or convert up the las/plas razor turrets I need, I'll runa version of my Razor Wolves with Bjorn the Fell Handed and Inquisitor Lord and Callidus Assassin. Most amusing list, does alot of damage and fairly solid. Kirby, I'd LOVE to see The Blood Rodeo turn up and see you put your money where your mouth is and show everyone how it's done. In any case, this thread is here to discuss the tournament, whether you can make it and if so what lits you'd be considering, so have at it guys and girls, come along and play a tournament which you lot will be in your element for. :)

All the best,

Auretious Taak.

P.S. Last week, Game 3 of Humans Vs Zombies at ANU (12am Monday Mornming till 1pm'ish Saturday afternoon for the game), I was the 2nd or 3rd last Human to get killed, stunning a dozen zombies on the bridge of our forced last stand after everyone else was dead (2 people made a sprinting break to our objective and died 4 minutes after they made the break lol), winning the Best Human award for the game (3 games so far thus 3 Bet Humans of which I'm one Oh Yeah!) and my squad winning the Best Squad Style award to boot. HvZ is a massive week long game of moderated Tag which I am hoping to have approved to set up at Macquarie University from Semester 1, 2011. The Game 3 ANU Summary Video is below and I'm the tall bearded guy in the centre of the nerf balls and also galloping in nef jousting lol:

Have an awesome day everyone. :)

P.P.S. Watch me bugger up the Blog Post Order Time for new Blog Posts heh...

9 pinkments:

Kirby said...

A link would be nice Taak and not screwing up post times! :P. If I go it would be with Tyranids again most likely as I prefer to paint then assemble as I hate missing parts of models but will certainly look into it.

There's another out in Penrith at the end of Sept that's 100 BP, 25/25/25 comp/sports/paint which is a bit better.

Problem again comes to BP though. If I ever run 3++con (or Kirbycon as Ben likes to call it) it'd be straight up pairing with winner plays winner until there's a single undefeated individual. So a 5 rounder over 2 days gets us 32 people :P.

Auretious Taak said...

I put 2 links in there even used the add in link thing, and I fiddled with lots of buttons and couldn't find the delay the post thingey...gah.

Link to thread:

Link to HvZ Summay Video:

Kirbycon sounds cool like that, still you need to have all the other people playing games basically though if you win even by the tiniest margin, bam move to the next part and so on. What about draws?

The Wolf's Lunch said...

So that the lossars don't get bored they could be free to play their own games against chosen opponents or decided to watch one of the others play in the higher up matches.

Kirbycon sounds good though, I'd be up for it when it's on.

Zheilt said...

Double-elimination would give the losers something to do while still being just as fair as single elim. Not sure how much longer it would take though. Here's what a tree would look like:

Chumbalaya said...


Is this a real place?! Awesome.

GreyICE said...

How do they handle things like armies that run no heavies, or armies that run no elites? Are those points permanently lost, or are they 'rolled into' a different point total (like if you have no heavies, killing all your elites is +2 or something). Also, +5 for your opponent essentially sucking is kinda terrible for a competitive event (playing a bad opponent is obviously great anyway, adding a 5 point bonus for playing a cabbage is just stupid).

Other than that (and hopefully their pairing is not random) they should be good.

P.S. Kirby, long experience with other competitive games with a luck element tells me that you do NOT want single elimination as your format. It will NOT select the best player in the room. A good model would be a 3 day event, 5-6 games friday/saturday, cut to top 8 on record, and single elimination there on out.

Kirby said...

@Zheilt; ya it would be was just highlighting the winner bracket

@Wolf's Lunch; as Zheilt said, the 'losers' would still get tournament games in just there isn't going to be any "I won 3 games and lost one but won by 3 hugely so win the tournament compared to the guy who went 4-0 who scrapped by in each game."

@GreyICE; aye 40k is never going to be like Tennis or soccer, etc. but it's the easiest to implement. You could do best of 3 series and have winners move on, etc. but time restrictions. If everyone could set aside a week :P lol. We'll see how Nova runs.

Also, went and took a look at it and the bonus points do seem a bit eh but oh well ^^. Shall see how thesis goes though only one day is a good thing :P.

Auretious Taak said...

Chumby, asking if Woolongong is a real place is like asking if Woy Woy or Wagga Wagga is a real place!

GreyIce, I'll get someone to ask your points on WAU and we'll see. Also, the main issue with 5th edition and tabling an opponent in 3 Turns is going 1st and also having the opponent reserve the entire army, it's not as simple in 5th to table someone in 3 Turns as poor reserve rolls mean that they can in effect eliminate that possibility against you.

Roland Durendal said...

Me likey tournaments with no comp.

Which reminds me: Kirb, I get a whole month off in December and I'm trying to figure out what to do/where to go. I was tossing the idea around for an Aussie vacay. Any recommendations on places to go/things to do? Hit me up in email bud!


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