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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mistake Mondays: Ripping Off Tolkien Edition


Somewhat belated, but still here. I blame Kirby for this one, it's all his fault.

#1: Separate But... Equal?
The Warlocks bought alongside a Farseer are not a retinue; they may be deployed and act separately and are different units in close combat.

#2: Shields Down
The Dire Avenger Shimmershield only confers its save to the unit in close combat, not against any other kind of attack.

#3: Fire at the Disco, Fire at the Gates of Hell
The whole unit benefits from a Fire Dragon Exarch's Tank Hunters ability, but only he benefits from Crack Shot. (Likewise, only a Reaper Exarch benefits from his powers, but how often do you actually see those guys?)

#4: Magnificent Six
Ranger/Pathfinder Long Rifles do NOT work the same way as as normal sniper weapons. On a roll of '6' to hit (or 5+, in the case of Pathfinders), that shot becomes AP1 and must still roll to wound/etc normally. Additionally, since the weapons have the Sniper rule, any rolls to wound of a '6' will also ignore saves.

#5: Functionality Impaired
Guardian Weapon Platforms, like Ork Bomb Squigs, Oiler Grots, etc, are basically decorative and serve no game purpose. Do not count them when measuring ranges, determining template/blast hits, etc, and do not treat them in the same way as Artillery units.

#6: Tuned, Spoilered, Ripped, and Gawwed
Holo-fields always apply the lower result on the dice, regardless of which you would prefer. Star Engines do not allow you to Tank Shock or Ram- these maneuvers are performed during the Movement phase. (They do, however, allow you to follow up such a maneuver with additional movement, which is normally disallowed.)

#7: Angels and Apes
Ordnance and Melta weapons are the most common victims of the Wave Serpent's protective rules, but also remember that Rending weapons don't work, either.

#8: BRB, Don't Go Away
A unit locked in combat with an inactive Wraithguard/Wraithlord (due to having failed its Wraithsight check) remain locked and cannot leave the combat. They will hit automatically, however.

#9: Together For Never
Wraithlord "secondary" weapon systems (Catapults and Flamers) do not become twin-linked if you choose a pair of them. Remember that as a Monstrous Creature it may fire up to two weapons as though it were stationary.

#10: I Ain't Scared of No Daemons
Psykers in the same unit as a Warlock with Embolden may reroll failed Psychic tests, since they are a type of Leadership test.

Bonus section: telling your Space Elf opponent's weapons apart
Since this is a problem even I have- and I tend to be pretty dang knowledgeable about stats, if I do say so myself- I thought some people might find it helpful.
-Bright Lance: S8 AP2 Lance. Available all the hell over the place, from Guardians to transports to Wraithlords.
-Pulse Laser: As above, but two shots and no Lance rule. Only available on the Falcon (i.e. non-dedicated transport tank.)
-Starcannon: S6 AP2 two shots. Available many of the same places as the Bright Lance.
-Scatter Laser: S6 AP6 four shots. Available lots of places, usually only seen on walkers.
-Shuriken Cannon: S6 AP 5 three shots. Like a Storm Bolter, you can strap one to just about any vehicle.
-Shuriken Catapult: S4 AP5 two shots, 12" range. A shotgun, basically- the standard weapon of their infantry models.

8 pinkments:

Meister_Kai said...

The question of how rending interacts with the Energy Field came up with one of my LGS(s). Would you mind explaining that one in detail?

AbusePuppy said...

It's pretty simple, as it works the same as Living Metal and Rending. The Field prevents you from getting more than +d6 of penetration from the front and side arcs, period. Doesn't matter how or why, you get your Strength (max of 8) and +d6 to try and penetrate. So even if you roll the 6 with a Rending weapon, you don't get to add any extra penetration because Energy Field forbids you from rolling that second die.

Note that this doesn't stop Rends in close combat, etc.

Heretic said...

@kai: The energy field says a ranged attack only ever gets S+1d6 for armor penetration. Rending gives an additional +d3, but is from the BRB and is therefore superseded by the energy field, which is from a codex.

@abusepuppy: I may have been playing this wrong, are Morale and Pinning tests influenced by the presence of an Embolden warlock?

Meister_Kai said...

Thanks for the reply duders! I wasn't really sure, the whole "a D6 is not a D3" argument backed by codex rulings not being applicable to most other codices threw me off, glad to know!

Oh, oh, oh, do Nids next!

AbusePuppy said...

Embolden affects ALL Leadership tests of any kind. Morale, Pinning, Psychic,... everything.

The Wolf's Lunch said...

Fire in the Taco Bell!

Good article as always AP. Will keep these in mind when I play eldar next, specifically the Pathfinders thing as a friend of mine uses them.

Vinsanity said...

Yeah those pathfinders are bastards, in my fifth game at LoT, played vs Eldar and his 5 pathfinders took out my Vindi with a side shot :(

Good article AP, keep em coming :P

Heretic said...

Thanks for clarifying that Puppy. Now my eldar will prance merrily.

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